Aaah spring. ..

It’s been a long, hard winter round these parts. The weather has been relentless and bitterly cold. A harsh world for a newborn. We’ve hidden away inside.  It’s been hard adjusting to life with a baby and preschooler too. I won’t lie, those first couple months I wondered what had become of my life.  Once active and fun, I felt trapped by just how hard it is getting out the door with 2 kids!!!
Now as spring finally bursts through the last gloomy days of winter, I take a deep breath and feel like I’m shaking the gloom off of me. Yes getting in and out of the car is still the worst part of the day, and it’s really tough going anywhere that will take us out of the house for more than a couple hours because it messes with Lukes schedule, which I usually end up paying for in the middle of the night (so if I don’t come to anything its because my kid and I need sleep!), but things are easier. It’s not quite so overwhelming,  and I’m learning how to just eliminate anything I don’t need in my life right now so I can enjoy this time.
Today we got outside and as we took in the warm sunshine and green grass I thought these days just have to be some of the best of my life. I mean I had great days before kids, and I’m sure there are awesome and sweet days and seasons ahead, but looking at these tiny people right where they are at, as challenging as they are right now,  I can’t imagine it really gets better than this in our earthly life? 
I don’t want to romanticize child rearing, it’s tough stuff, but the hard things are the best things I think.  The more we open our life to sacrifice for others the richer our lives are, and parenthood can be the most vulnerable, sacrificial endeavor there is. (Sadly, not everyone sees parenthood as a calling, so it is a choice how much we let it change and enrich us) Life was so much easier before I had 2 kids. David and I accidentally refer to life before our kids as “when we were single” so sharp is the divide between life then and now. It was easier but it wasn’t sweeter.  It was easier, but it wasn’t half as full, even tho I traveled the world and did pretty much whatever I wanted, it was nothing compared to the crazy mess it is now 🙂



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