Luke’s Birth

It has been one of the most tumultuous few days of my life.  So before getting into Luke’s fall and time in the NICU I want to try and record the happy story of his birth before it gets too far from my mind. It really was I think my ideal experience and I’m really thankful for it, despite all the craziness that would follow.
   We decided to induce on the 18th. My blood pressure was consistently high and I was feeling horrible and pretty stressed. I really think Luke would have come naturally right around then anyway. This allowed the luxury of avoiding a surprise middle of the night race to the hospital (had one of those the week before anyway) and I got to peacefully leave Leia with my Mom.
   We got there 8 pm, checked in to the lovely birthing suite ( Southview is a great facility, it’s small you pretty much park right by the door, no garage or anything, none of the big urban feel of the hospital Leia was born in-tho they had an excellent staff there as well!), and waited.
They started with a foley bulb. This is a more natural drug free induction method than the gels. I say this to score points with the imaginary crowd of judging natural childbirth advocates in my head. When they asked me if I wanted this over the gels,  I figured I could at least do one thing naturally right? I mean in every other way natural was pretty much the last thing I wanted. I was nervous about somehow missing my chance at an epi, or like last time getting one (which I got way way too late I see that now!) Only to have it run out and fail me at the worst time (see Leia’s birth story if you want to know my attempt at “natural” traumatized me).
Anyway, the foley bulb is a plastic balloon type thing that is meant to mimic babies head pushing the cervix open. It did its job, though for me I would still need hours of pitocin to get going.
Pitocin, the drug that nearly killed me last time. Pitocin was the end of natural for me. This time I wanted to be prepared.  Thanks to Dan the anesthesiologist I totally was!! I love labor and delivery nurses, they always seem so dedicated to me. I’ve only had good experiences with them and I always feel bad,  you just never see them again after all they do for you,  but Dan the anesthesiologist really really has my admiration.  Last time I guess I got a walking epidural, never again. Dan gave me the real deal. Hours and hours of contractions and I didn’t feel them!!! All that torment last time, the three hours of pushing,  the back labor, the puking, the walking, why what was it for? Sorry, I know some people love natural birth and even claim it doesn’t have to hurt, but I felt like I heard a lot more about that than what a good epidural is like, maybe because natural childbirth is the fashion now and there is a quiet judgment those of us that don’t succeed at having one feel? So this for me is what worked, and led me to have a much more meaningful birth experience,  why be ashamed?
Anyway, anesthesiologist Dan, you’re the man.
What I really appreciated this time was when Luke was actually born I was present.  Last time I was barely alive when Leia came. This time, while I felt some pain in the end, I had a sense of what I was doing. I felt the reward of the hard work of pushing.  Plus, unlike last time, the hard work actually worked! In about ten minutes of pushing and a roughly 24 hour labor alltogether, Luke was born!
David was sitting beside me encouraging me (sitting because we warned the staff he proved to be a fainter last time) the senior Dr that came in at the last minute (as doctors do, kind of makes you wonder why they get the big bucks?) was so funny. He was an older african american gentleman and he was like dancing during the pushing david said, saying things like “come on” and “amen”. It was joyful and great.


2 thoughts on “Luke’s Birth

  1. Great story! I pushed for three hours with Luke, but other than that can second how wonderful drugs are! I was totally the opposite of you the first time around; I dropped out of childbirth class and told Chris my birth plan was: if he doesn’t come out, make sure someone cuts him out. Looking back I would be more prepared but I did absolutely fine with no plan and no practiced breathing 🙂 not sure what I would do the second time around. I am so glad he is ok!!! Our Luke almost rolled off the hospital bed when the photographer was taking a picture of him he rolled over.

  2. Love you! So glad you had such a great experience this time. You certainly deserved it after the last time around. I’m proud of you and so excited to see little Luke become a man. Keep the pictures coming!

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