Where I’m at

Feel like I’ve been in a fog lately. This weekend I’ve just felt so tired, but no amount of napping and nothing I eat or drink seems to help. On friday the doctor said they wanted to see me again in 4 days due to high blood pressure continuing, and made it sound inducing would be the safest bet at that point. I actually checked it while at kroger yesterday,  felt really old using the blood pressure machine at the pharmacy, but it was still elevated.
I’m totally OK with inducing at this point. Very tired of feeling this way and wondering if all my discomforts could be scary preeclampsia setting in. Wondering when to call the dr etc.
This all really came out of left field, proving you just really never know with pregnancy and babies and making me really thankful I live in the age of modern medicine. I know lately the fashion is to be wary of all things medical, but 100 years ago childbirth was the most dangerous thing you could do as a woman. I for one am glad I’m being monitored, even if it is no fun, and glad we know what things like preeclampsia are and watch out for them. When you are fine in your pregnancy you may feel put out by all the precautions and constant peeing in cups, but I’d rather deal with this than not be there for my kids!
Another thing I’m grateful for, my husband. He’s really taken on a lot these past few days. Putting his business on hold, giving me all the rest he can. This stuff is stressful for him too, but he’s been a champ.
I’m also thankful for the schoolroom of life to teach me more about God’s sovereignty.  It’s so easy in our world to feel we are in control and become practical atheists,  though I’m so glad for the aid of modern medicine, this makes me hyper aware of who is really in control and who I trust no matter what.
Not to be too dramatic of course, in a week or two this will all probably be over and part of Lukes story and life will be consumed by newborn (and Leia) care.


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