38 weeks, the worst week…

The last mile is the hardest, that is certainly true with this pregnancy anyway!
Everything has been going normally, as with Leia’s pregnancy, but at my last appointment my blood pressure had skyrocketed. This meant I got to sit at Labor and delivery for several hours. They took blood and monitored my heartrate, which stayed elevated.  Then for extra fun, I had to collect a 24 hour urine sample. How crazy did I feel collecting my own urine and then driving it around in my car? I am so thankful I don’t work outside the home right now, because I couldn’t imagine having to do that at work! I kid you not the huge plastic jug they gave me was bright orange (why?) And on top of that it had to be kept cool. Would you put that in the shared breakroom fridge with people’s lunches?!
Anyway, it was very frustrating spending all that time in the maternity ward, not knowing what was going on, and then not walking out without a baby. I thought that would be it for a while. …
Then the next evening I started feeling horrible, with many of the symptoms they kept asking me if I had when trying to find out if I had preeclampsia.   When I started getting these horrible chills and shaking uncontrollably we went to the hospital.
Long story short we were there from like 11 pm to 4 AM to discover I have a stomach virus. I don’t remember the last time I had a virus like this, why now!!!!!?????
The one upside, I got a pair of scrubs. This happened because I got sick all over myself, but I have always envied medical professionals their scrubs,  I mean they wear pajamas to work? Why don’t we all?
Now I feel better, but still awful.  At least I feel well enough to not take phenegren, the anti nausea med that really really knocks you out! If i didn’t have Leia though I would love to slip into a phenegren  coma for a day or two honestly. My husband just came down with the bug, and I’m praying so hard Leia doesn’t, and I’m now nervous about going into labor post stomach bug with a sick family. I’m nervous about my next appointment,  I can’t handle anymore time in the hospital without a baby coming out! Definitely melting down here a bit. Hoping to feel normal tomorrow.  Hoping for an easy labor in return for all this drama now.


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