Week 36, almost to 37. Now it’s moving into the waiting and wondering phase. I’m sooo jealous of ladies who have those scheduled C-sections! At my most recent appointment they thought he might be breach,  and I thought for a second “oh maybe they’ll have to do a c-section, and a guilt free one at that!” Nope, he is head down and engaged, just perhaps a taller baby or in a weird position.
Am I nervous? Well my first labor was basically the most painful, difficult thing ever to happen to me. I went in positive and just came out surviving it (the story is in the archives, but it was 30 some hours, including 3 just for pushing yay). So in many ways I’m more nervous than I was the first time, but God has designed pregnancy so that you get so uncomfortable near the end you really just want to get on with it no matter what!!!! 
My daughter was a week early, and with the way things are feeling I’ll be really surprised if Luke is late at all. Bags are packed, car seats in car etc etc, he can vacate the premises!
I hope it isn’t so fast that it’s scary. Again for me a car or home birth are the stuff of nightmares for me. However, I really would prefer something under 30 hours this time too.
I’m also feeling impatient about just getting to meet my son and touch him. He’s so close, but still so far!


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