31 weeks, hangin in there!

31 weeks and sooo tired. I exercise, try to get the catnaps in, but afternoon comes and usually any plans I have just sit on the couch with me , and by plans I mean things like getting clothes out of the dryer. So I try to make the mornings count for me and for Leia.
Speaking of exercise it’s really hard to lap swim with heartburn. 
Something else that’s bugging me, pregnant fro’.
This pregnancy my hair has just become a thick dry mess bleck. I don’t even enjoy brushing it it doesn’t look any better after I do.
But aside from the whole pregnant thing I’m getting excited to meet Luke. Am I ready for two kids, who knows, but I’m ready to hold my son! I am nervous of course about the total game changer he could be. Overall Leia was a pretty “easy” baby, Luke may be more needy?
I’m telling you now Luke you will like riding in the Beco carrier, and if you don’t you will learn to, because I can’t envision a world in which I care for you and your sister and don’t wear you much of the time that first year. No rush on the walking either kid 😉


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