I should be a pro at this now right?

Ok so It was only a couple years ago that I was pregnant with Leia, and while I definitely remember the nausea and how long that lasted, the rest kind of seems like a blur.  Last night the old Braxton Hicks contractions really ramped up I kept trying to remember how they felt last time, but my brain was coming up empty. By the way, what is with braxton hicks, baby’s movements and your bladder all working together at night to keep you from sleeping (oh and the heartburn and leg cramps those are apparently on a clock too, it starts with me closing my eyes)?
And forget about babies first year. I mean every week its so different. I remember how cute my daughter was, but the feeding and nap schedules month by month and everything else,  I definitely have to reread some baby books….
I definitely have NOT forgotten the pain of labor. I don’t have some quaint amnesia people joke about that women get to trick them into doing this more than once. “Oh when you hold that baby you forget all the pain” um no I’m more of a craggy war veteran who is shell shocked. I remember a few weeks after the birth i was watching Lost and there was a scene with someone on an operating table looking up at that bright hospital lamp, for a moment I swear I had a flashback. There were times during the three hours of pushing I really wondered would I go out like Padme or some character on Little House?
Which really makes me wish I could remember how normal braxton hicks contractions feel because people love to say how if your first baby took 40 hours to come out your second will rip through you in about 5 minutes. I have a daughter to get secured this time and a birth in my house or car is personally the last thing I want, my first birth made me love doctors and nurses actually (also I do not want to clean that up). Plus, while it wasn’t enough last time, I want a drug dealer available to offer what they can (sorry I know I cloth diaper but…). You know I think David has some leftover pain meds from dental surgery maybe I should carry those in my car just in case…
But I do seem really cool at the obgyn. I never have questions or complaints really. 


2 thoughts on “I should be a pro at this now right?

  1. Braxton hicks just felt like slowy-intensifying tightening to me. Nothing like labor contractions. No, those didn’t feel like squeezing at all, more like massive pressure, which somehow feels different than tightening. 😉
    Pain meds didn’t help me at all – they just made me groggy after my first. Boo!

    • They worked for a while on me I remember there was sometime after the dreaded pitocin I slept once I caved and took the drugs but they just wore out. I clearly remember seeing an empty epidural bag during my three hours of pushing and feeling everything. I’ll take the relief I can get knowing they aren’t necessarily salvation. Did not appreciate the catheter later!!

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