What’s in a (Geek) Name?

A long long time ago on a honeymoon far far away two newlyweds decided their firstborn would most likely be Luke if a boy and Leia for a girl. 8 years later Leia was born (yes we took the long road to kids). Then a couple years later I find out we are having a boy. For some reason coming to the name Luke was not a no brainer. Well for a lot of reasons. I will give you the anatomy of a geekling’s name.
Neither of us were totally sure we were ready for Luke and Leia. That’s a lot of star wars! It’s also two L names and we aren’t convinced we are done having kids, do the others need L names (we have decided no especially since our name choices have to cone from sci fi/fantasy franchises)? I personally at first really wanted a name from Star Trek to allign my two loves under one roof. I thought Will like Riker or Kirk. Will was vetoed for no reason by my husband and Kirk stayed in the running for a long time but eventually lost because he is neither of ours favorite captain and my husband in particular feels he lacks the character to name a son after (at least this one, it may depend on how many we have). Sadly Spock is just too weird as well as Aragorn etc.
Benjamin came up a lot because we saw it as joining three of our favorite things it has Ben for a nod to Obi Wan, Benjamin Cisco of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and my husband’s favorite Lost character Benjamin Linus.  (Benjamin has become the solid middle name which is nice because leia’s middle name is Juliet from Lost)
There were debates and discussions about the merits of different characters. I briefly tried to get Samwise in there too because to me, Sam, Frodo’s faithful friend is the ultimate hero.
It was sooo much harder than naming our daughter but in the end I feel a sense of destiny around the name. I had a moment where I thought of that scene from Jedi when he comes into Jabba’s to save his friends in full on Jedi mode, and I rembered this great speech I heard Will Wheaton give about what it is to be a geek and to be public about your passions and I started to feel Luke was it. Plus Leia was playing at the park with a boy named Luke and some random dad asked if they were siblings because he just thought that would be the coolest thing ever and it dawned on David and I that yes, yes that is really really cool !



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