I’m not the right mom for potty training

Ok so I’ve figured out my least favorite thing about potty training.  Its not the accidents. It’s the being tied to the house for several days! I figured out early on as a mom I am not a homebody.  Im not a lets stay home and churn butter and redecorate and sew and garden all day alone mom. (Ok maybe no one is a churning butter mom?) Leia isn’t a stay home kid either from very early on I noticed fussiness diminished when we got out of the house on a regular basis. 
Don’t get me wrong I still see the home as my sphere and its not that I dont do any projects. I love to bake for example. I just need time out of the house to be productive in it.  What works for me is a morning cleaning schedule where I get the bulk of the cleaning done in the morning focusing on different rooms etc each day of the week. Then exercise and fun outing or errands then if energy is left over I can do a project at home. With pregnancy there is usually not much left in the afternoon but oh well its just a season!
The potty training is driving me nuts because we have to really stay home for at least three days.  At least that is the method I’m using now. Every twenty minutes or so she goes to sit on the potty. Now I’m ecstatic so far no accidents and she has peed twice on potty. This is light years from a few weeks ago when I tried!!!!! Still this makes me so dead by the end of the day I don’t even know why but being chained to potty and house is so mind numbing to me.  I really hope this takes or I may go nuts three days feels like an eternity!!!!