P-D Glasses

I hate 3 D glasses. I feel so dumb wearing them at theatres and I feel it really adds nothing to movies except a heftier ticket price.Recently I feel I’m always wearing new glasses wjen watching movies or observing the world in general – parent dimensional glasses if you will.
I have watched a lot of movies in my life but suddenly I’m twenty times more sensitive to violence or cruelty.  My husband and I tried to watch Scream recently, a movie we watched loads of times in our youth. Now neither one of us could get past 15 minutes and quickly had to turn on some star trek to cleanse our minds! Something has shifted the young stars were no longer peers but visions of what our daughter will be. I’m no longer Drew Barrymore home alone with jiffy pop I’m her mom who comes back to find her daughter gone.
Even worse we watched Hotel Rwanda a movie we had both seen before as well but though always hard to watch now ten times more disturbing.  This is the world in which my children live and how could people kill little children like mine? What if I had to protect my little ones in such a time?
Parental awareness is a bit of a drag!  The world is no longer just about me finding what I want out of it but its a place I’m preparing my kids for, I know I have to release them out into it. 
I love seeing the world fresh through Leia’s eyes everyday it’s such a joy, but I also see the darker aspects of the world afresh as her protector.  I can’t help but wonder now what it is for God to see his world as he sends his children out into it. He knows far better than me how far it has fallen and the danger that is lurking for his sons and daughters. It’s so comforting to know as parenthood bewilders me that he is my father,  being a parent gives that concept even more meaning. He cares for me a million times more than I can care for Leia and yet there is a similarity there in our loves that gives me peace. God’s a parent too he is just, you know, a perfect one 🙂
One other weird thing shows that should totally annoy me don’t. If I feel a kids show is wholesome and earnestly trying to entertain my kid suddenly I have patience for the really catchy tunes that get stuck in your head, the repition and the overacting.  Well most of the time anyway.


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