One of the worst things that ever happened

Ok I’m still a little in shock this happened and its totally gross so you have been warned but if I didnt share I wouldn’t be honest about the level of weirdness that comes with pregnancy.
The incident took place in the midst of a good day. I just hit 13 weeks yesterday I heard the baby’s heartbeat and that evening I got to see Star Trek into Darkness! (If you know me that’s a big deal) Furthermore the three or four days before I had almost no nausea and definitely no throwing up. That morning had been shaky but when the dr asked how I was feeling I said pretty good things seem to be getting better.
Well then it happened I just got on the freeway and I felt it. It was so fast I mean I felt a little queasy but if I pulled over everytime I did id never get anywhere.  It just hit I pulled over as soon as I could but it was way way too late. Since I have been feeling better ive been hungry too so this was not the dry heaving thing I ended up just throwing away my outfit this is how bad it was. Wish I could throw away my car but those are not disposable. You cant just get a new one at the thrift store.
I felt so embarassed why didnt I pull over or something I just cant believe I had no control. Blech Im feeling ok this morning and I felt ok afterwards (well after the twenty minutes of sitting in puke on my way home to change clothes)
But living a bit in fear now…. really tired of this roller coaster.


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