I need to wear a sign saying I’m pregnant because….

I think it’s really frustrating that the first trimester is one of the most trying and yet it’s not obvious your preggo to the world. I would like this to be obvious because….
1. People are nicer to pregnant ladies at least usually
2. I don’t want to be embarrassed by my freaky food choices like the big icee I had to have today (of course I guess some would judge you more because your eating for two but I can’t handle that guilt trip while in a perpetual state of sea sickness thanks)
3. I feel awful most of the time and I feel I look kind of homeless at least part of the time I want people to know why
4. I’m not letting myself go I’m growing a person
5. I don’t normally wear such saggy pants maternity pants just won’t stay up no matter what trimester your in!
Of course then even more people would ask how I’m feeling and while its the natural and polite thing I sure get tired of saying nauseated!
Happy Mother’s Day everyone


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