Please stop playing with the toilet paper while mom pukes!

What’s up with feeling worse in week 11 than I have so far? I really thought I was turning a corner but the past few days have been rough nausea wise. Leia has begun pretending to throw up over the potty (yet still not mimicking the other potty activity). Today we came home and it hit suddenly and violently and it was not pretty. I will refrain from being too graphic here but leia patted my back and then proceeded to take advantage of the moment and have a toilet paper party. Thanks kid
I’m hoping its one last hurdle before it goes away in a couple of weeks. It didnt go away last time at week 13 but stuck around till week 24 but it was really different last time much worse so I’m still hoping….
I feel Leia is getting crazier by the day too. Is it me or her newfound two year oldness? She is getting a little aggressive with other kids and yells no at the park like a loon. She has always been pretty sweet I would prefer to keep it that way hard to manage with my head over the porcelain altar too.
Of course she gives lots of hugs and kisses and says hi and by to everyone just sometimes this little crazy person comes out.


4 thoughts on “Please stop playing with the toilet paper while mom pukes!

  1. The twos! I think all kids are like that at that age. I’m sorry you’re still sick! I really hope it passes. Did you ever try ginger chews? I like them for my motion sickness when it’s mild. Thinking of you! ❤

    • Thanks I tried ginger last time and it did nothing I could try this time it’s just frustrating pregnancy nausea at least mine doesn’t act like regular nausea you know tums or 7 up don’t help but when I get to the heartburn phase ill be popping tums like candy!

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  2. I like her a little crazy. The theatrical puking is classic! You will always have the best stories to tell at her parties and graduations and wedding. Don’t know what all the ‘no’ yelling’s about though. She’s just a born leader perhaps – – maybe she’ll captain a fleet of starships someday:)

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