One of the worst things that ever happened

Ok I’m still a little in shock this happened and its totally gross so you have been warned but if I didnt share I wouldn’t be honest about the level of weirdness that comes with pregnancy.
The incident took place in the midst of a good day. I just hit 13 weeks yesterday I heard the baby’s heartbeat and that evening I got to see Star Trek into Darkness! (If you know me that’s a big deal) Furthermore the three or four days before I had almost no nausea and definitely no throwing up. That morning had been shaky but when the dr asked how I was feeling I said pretty good things seem to be getting better.
Well then it happened I just got on the freeway and I felt it. It was so fast I mean I felt a little queasy but if I pulled over everytime I did id never get anywhere.  It just hit I pulled over as soon as I could but it was way way too late. Since I have been feeling better ive been hungry too so this was not the dry heaving thing I ended up just throwing away my outfit this is how bad it was. Wish I could throw away my car but those are not disposable. You cant just get a new one at the thrift store.
I felt so embarassed why didnt I pull over or something I just cant believe I had no control. Blech Im feeling ok this morning and I felt ok afterwards (well after the twenty minutes of sitting in puke on my way home to change clothes)
But living a bit in fear now…. really tired of this roller coaster.


I need to wear a sign saying I’m pregnant because….

I think it’s really frustrating that the first trimester is one of the most trying and yet it’s not obvious your preggo to the world. I would like this to be obvious because….
1. People are nicer to pregnant ladies at least usually
2. I don’t want to be embarrassed by my freaky food choices like the big icee I had to have today (of course I guess some would judge you more because your eating for two but I can’t handle that guilt trip while in a perpetual state of sea sickness thanks)
3. I feel awful most of the time and I feel I look kind of homeless at least part of the time I want people to know why
4. I’m not letting myself go I’m growing a person
5. I don’t normally wear such saggy pants maternity pants just won’t stay up no matter what trimester your in!
Of course then even more people would ask how I’m feeling and while its the natural and polite thing I sure get tired of saying nauseated!
Happy Mother’s Day everyone

Please stop playing with the toilet paper while mom pukes!

What’s up with feeling worse in week 11 than I have so far? I really thought I was turning a corner but the past few days have been rough nausea wise. Leia has begun pretending to throw up over the potty (yet still not mimicking the other potty activity). Today we came home and it hit suddenly and violently and it was not pretty. I will refrain from being too graphic here but leia patted my back and then proceeded to take advantage of the moment and have a toilet paper party. Thanks kid
I’m hoping its one last hurdle before it goes away in a couple of weeks. It didnt go away last time at week 13 but stuck around till week 24 but it was really different last time much worse so I’m still hoping….
I feel Leia is getting crazier by the day too. Is it me or her newfound two year oldness? She is getting a little aggressive with other kids and yells no at the park like a loon. She has always been pretty sweet I would prefer to keep it that way hard to manage with my head over the porcelain altar too.
Of course she gives lots of hugs and kisses and says hi and by to everyone just sometimes this little crazy person comes out.

Potty Purgatory

I hate the potty. It started when Leia was around 21 months I thought oh maybe she is ready? A day or two of no pee in the potty and a frustrated toddler I figured she was not ready and tabled it. Now I felt compelled to try again I mean if she could just get something in there once maybe she will get it right? Plus with Scoggins baby the second on the way I feel compelled to get these big girl changes in motion like the big girl bed and the potty (but I’m ignoring binky alright?!)
Anyway we were on the potty for over half an hour no luck. I knew she had to go though and she did she just saved it up until her diaper was on and then Niagara Falls 😦
Yesterday she also removed the portable sesame street potty seat and smacked me in the face with it. I couldn’t ignore getting hit in the face with a toilet seat but was also afraid to have a stern moment anywhere near the hallowed throne. She wasn’t angry or anything just bam hit in the face out of nowhere.
On top of this with this pregnancy I’m struggling with a bit of hormonal hulkitis. Anger and irritation I have noticed are cropping up a lot more than usual right now. Grr the potty isn’t helping. Just the thought of it makes me start feeling impatient. And of course hulk doesn’t like getting hit in the face with it. But the potty is all about patience! I feel like I need to be consistent but she resists and I don’t want to push the potty. I’m tired of giving up though. Everybody gets there eventually right? That’s what they said in a song on Sesame Street anyway (currently my favorite potty song though there is a weird line about everyone doing it with their own special style????what could that even mean????)
On the bright side leia is getting so communicative there are new words everyday and that’s a lot of fun:) she is overall a fun happy kid.