A Person’s a person no matter how small

One thing that is different about this pregnancy I must admit is its a little harder to be as amazed all the time like I was with my first. It’s easy to somehow take for granted the fact that I am partnering with God to create new life and that there is indeed a person the size of a of a kumquat right now inside me. It pretty much has everything it will have when it’s born it just needs to grow, but limbs and heart and brain have done their most crucial developing already at ten weeks and the little one even has fingernails! Crazy I can kind of forget that but with having done it before and having a two year old around all the time somehow the miracle gets overshadowed oh and of course feeling sick doesn’t help.
But Leia and I watched Horton hears a Who yesterday and that quote made me think of this new little person growing so rapidly inside me (just last week it was the size of a grape every week it doubles in produce size lol).
It is encouraging to think more that another whole person is coming about through all of this and as I watch leia learning and growing each day I know at least more the gravity of what that really means. So here is to you tiny one I don’t know yet who you are but I can’t wait to meet you!


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