pop tarts and pregnavore

Thus far the nausea is more manageable than last time. Force feeding myself 24/7 seems to keep me from hurling, last time nothing did. I should really be happier about that, I am happy about that,it’s just that right now I feel a little worse than usual and it is just so draining feeling moderately nauseated all day! I just hate food right now, I have to eat all the time, don’t ever really want to eat, and the only things I want to eat are weird and usually totally unhealthy.

Top choices right now, soft pretzels with plain yellow mustard, cinnamon pop tarts (I think that was a slight craving I had last time to, so random) and I still eat a lot of peanut butter, kind of starting to hate that though I have eaten so much recently. I have been eating some avocados though too so that is pos.

Needless to say the healthy plant based diet I usually follow pretty much out the window. I haven’t really been craving meat so far (except one day I had chicken on my chipotle burrito and it was oh soooo good to me) but I do crave dairy and I want some scrambled eggs I am going to have to make some I keep thinking about them….

Another vegetarian pregnant blogger I read refers to herself as “pregnavore” when pregnant, no food values can survive pregnant food cravings! Our usual rules are off the table. You think someone who is usually health conscious would be doubly so while pregnant but it just becomes about survival between the constant nausea and the weird cravings. I have read some doctors don’t believe pregnancy related food cravings are real, well some doctors are jerks and I am sure none of them have been pregnant themselves. This is real and oh so weird and consuming!!! They are so strong part of me wonders is there some secret nutrient the baby needs in a pop tart or a slurpy (that was my big thang last time) maybe these things aren’t as bad as I know they are I mean why would I want something I haven’t eaten or thought about in years anyway?! Total mystery.

Times like these I always wonder what life would be like in the Star Trek universe. I am sure Dr. Crusher could just wave her little tricorder over me and no nausea, sigh. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow, it seems like the evenings are sometimes the worst for me. At least I have a husband that doesn’t really care if I make dinner most of the time, and Leia isn’t too hard to feed, now that kid eats a lot of peanut butter…



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