Things that rock about toddlers….

So sorry for the LONG break in writing.  Moving across the country took up so much space in my mind long before it happened I think.  Now we are here and definitely not yet settled, but certainly happy to be here. In the midst of the chaos of setting up a home in a new place I just felt compelled to write about the great things about life with a toddler. While moving with a child is certainly not like those carefree moves of my youth when we could pack all our junk in a Ford Escort and hit the open road, life with a toddler is certainly worth the extra work.

I think my favorite thing right now about Leia is her open and happy spirit towards everyone in the world (most of the time of course). While going out into the world with a toddler comes with a lot more hassles, gear and limitations, going out with a toddler also means you will inevitably be making people smile and be forced into being more open to other people. Leia pretty much always waves hello and goodbye to EVERYONE right now when we are out and about. It’s pretty hard to ignore the Queen of cute so most people smile back and talk to her. It’s really quite magical, especially in our society that fosters isolation. (Though I have to say southern Ohio is certainly a million times friendlier than possibly anywhere else I have lived, probably especially LA and Boston!)

A sense of awe and wonder. Maybe it’s cliche but young children really have a lot to teach us about how we should enjoy life I think. Talk about simple pleasures, my daughter is thrilled by garbage trucks, dogs and noses! She laughs and sometimes I have no idea why she is laughing. She is totally in the moment 100% of the time. One of my big goals right now is to live life with more joy and passion, who does this better than a toddler? Yeah, they have tantrums and can go the other direction with that passion, but most of the time Leia is happy in a way few adults seem to allow themselves to be. I know there is a lot of unpacking you can do of the passage where Jesus asks us to be like little children, but I can’t help but feel God longs for us to be as easily astonished, excited, curious and happy as we walk through this world and I believe in the next one I will feel a lot more like Leia does when she gets excited about something beautiful.

Dancing, I love that my daughter reminds me to dance, often times in stores or restaraunts to whatever silly song might be on. Tonight it was some 80’s Madonna in HomeGoods (like a TJ Maxx for home decor and kitchen items, I just discovered it everyone else may know about it). She just dances wherever she wants to dance however she wants to dance, oh that we all did, how much happier we would be 🙂