Lions and Tigers and Vacuum Cleaners, Oh my!

My daughter has a real fear of the vacuum cleaner. I have tiny cheapo vaccum cleaner to clean the two big rugs I keep in my house that other than that is all hardwood and tiles (and I don’t care what anyone says I prefer carpet to hardwood, I know it may look nicer and of course you don’t deal with stains, but seriously no matter how many times I sweep and mop Leia’s feet always look disgusting by noon! Plus who wouldn’t rather walk on carpet?) Everytime I turn it on she freezes and cries. That really sad looking cry too, not a fake one or a temper tantrum one. What to do? With two dogs and a toddler not running a vacuum is not an option.  And if I stop and try and comfort her it only prolongs the torture. Today I put her in her stroller for our walk on the porch and then ran the vacuum, she didn’t cry then so maybe I will have to remember to do it pre walk from now on 🙂 Like I need an excuse not to get my vacuuming done though?

Life with Leia is so different than it was just a couple months ago. My husband told me he read in those early years your child is a different child every couple of months, there seems to be a lot of truth to that. Of course she gets into everythingand is so curious about EVERYTHING. But she still can’t talk so it makes is easier for her to get frustrated and resort to tantrums. I am working a lot on getting her to sign please instead of screaming for something and it is going pretty well. I hope we hear more talking soon, part of me wonders if binky could be slowing her down. I know lots of people who have never had babies say I will just not give my baby one to start out with, I know this because that is kind of what I thought, but about three weeks into her life we realized how effective binky was in soothing her and then I figured well I can cut up or throw away a binky, I can’t cut off thumbs or fingers so maybe its not so bad? Until a couple of months ago I still thought getting rid of it wouldn’t be too bad, she always let me take it out of her mouth, but recently I have noticed a greedier attachment to binkies. Plus, David sees them as his great ally when watching her. I have seen the age of two as the time to be sure to get rid of binky and I am getting a bit nervous about that.

Lately, I have been trying to learn how to structure my days so they are the best kind of days for Leia and for me. I find that having scheduled play times or activity times with her make a big difference in how easy she is to get along with through the day. So I have two or three 15 minute windows where we read books, play homemade play do, hide an object under a cup and have her guess which cup it’s under, or some other activity I contrive. Just those little doses of focused attention seem to help her stay calmer through the day and even do better with her “independent play” where she is supposed to spend 15 minutes entertaining herself in her play pan (it would be a room, but I just have too much stuff stored in her room to totally let her loose in there, can’t wait to have more space!) Every day is an adventure with Leia though, it is fun and a lot more demanding I think than the infant stage.