Mamma’s Home! The aftermath….

Wow what a weekend! My first time away from Leia since she was born, and it went great!  So well I know I can do it again in the future!

I will leave the Tony Robbins conference out of this, that is like a whole other blog, suffice it to say it was way better than I expected, super challenging and stretching and I am ready to do another one in the future! Also, it was jam packed, so no time to miss a little princess too much, so that is probably a good thing for a mom’s first time away.

It was so amazing to see Leia when I got back, she just couldn’t stop smiling and neither could I. Also amazing to know David took care of her that whole time and you know she was not only alive but thriving 🙂 Of course, my house didn’t look totally the way I would have it look (but not the demilitarized zone I was expecting!) and Leia definitely looked like a bath or two had been skipped (so curious what she wore while I was gone?) and I was dismayed to see the HUGE box of disposable diapers in her room. I knew he was going disposable while I was gone, but for some reason he bought the most gigantic box. I also have noticed a spike in food pouch addiction, now she goes to the fridge signing more for them like crazy, and of course the Dad who wanted zero TV in Leia’s life said “I really like Blue’s Clue’s” and when I opened a cupboard strangely enough, half of Leia’s shoe collection was inside it with my pots and pans?

I think it is such an awesome thing for me to know he can take care of her, really take care of her though! I notice since coming back he has a lot more initiative when it comes to her too, it is easy for mom’s to just take over all the baby duties and do them all the time because we are so well practiced at it and I think it is easy for Dad’s to feel a little intimidated, but giving him that one on one time with her I am sure allowed him the freedom to just take care of her in his way. I love that bedtime was followed totally successfully from what he says too:) I love feeling a bit more like we are partners in the mundane aspects of child rearing. I mean there is nobody like Mom of course and we still have our different roles, but it’s great to feel like he understands mine more maybe than he did before.

The other really cool thing coming out of this, I feel more freedom to take better care of myself. I can already see how this conference and time away has made a world of difference in my marriage, so that will flow right into my mothering of course. It is so easy to feel guilty whenever I do something that seems like it is just for me, but the Lord is showing me that this weekend was really not just about me at all. I take care of Leia 24/7 a few weekends a year away or afternoons out once a week are not really selfish, they are energizing so I can keep living a life of service to my family. David is encouraging me to do a few more things like this and I think I may just take him up on it 🙂

It is good to stretch yourself and trust the Lord with your kids (and your husband with them), at least that is what I found out to be true in my life.  I’m amazed at how one weekend away, and one weekend where Leia was with Daddy can just be used to flood our family with good things. Trust, it’s a good thing! I encourage moms who may be facing that first time away from their babes to push themselves, it may be scary at first but if you give up a bit of control it can be a really great thing.


One thought on “Mamma’s Home! The aftermath….

  1. It sounds like they had fun:) That is one Part of having to work that I’m grateful for: the equal co-parenting aspect. Chris was home the first three months and now again this summer so it’s been 50/50 from day one. I think if I stay home in the future ( I’m probably dreaming:) I won’t have the need to be in control 24/7 like I probably would have if I was home from day one. It’s interesting how we all have such different experiences and circumstances that shape how we view our roles! I hope you get away more often:)

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