It’s not as cool as a transporter or warp speed but….

I often hear Moms with kids older than mine say how they envy different parent gear we have today.  I thought I would give a shout out to new mom technologies I really appreciate.

The Food pouch, totally portable food in plastic pouches aren’t just for astronauts anymore, babies and toddlers can use them too! I love those little organic fruit and vet pouches, so nice to carry around when out and about, or leave with a Daddy or a sitter 🙂

Advances in baby carriers. I love my Beco baby carrier, and it is just one of many awesome baby  transportation devices on the market. It is versatile and comfortable, to me it seems a long way from that baby bjorn I have a hazy memory of my Mom having or looking at (but I don’t remember her ever using?). Plus, it comes is gorgeous prints, I love me some gorgeous prints!

Bumbo chairs, though I could only use it for a short glorious while the bumbo chair held Leia happy through many a shower and meal preparation and it is really cute to see little babies sitting up in them.

Woombie, (or one of the halo ones or whatever other automatic swaddler you prefer) I loved woombie and was so sad to pack them away when Leia got too skilled at rolling over. Woombie is a little zip up cocoon so you don’t have to fool with pretending to be able to really swaddle, just zip zip and baby is all wrapped up, stretchy enough they can move a bit but tight enough they are truly swaddled. It made me a believer in swaddling and really calmed Leia down a lot as a newborn. I think it really helped me get more sleep during that time.Image

Modern cloth diapers! I won’t elaborate because I have talked about them before, but they are not your grandmas cloth diapers, no scary pins needed!

Pacifier and toy clips duh that was a good idea, though Leia can pull them off now.

Puffs and Baby Mum Mums, rice snacks that are soooo much less gross than teething biscuits and Zwieback toast! Instead of making a disgusting mess they just kind of dissolve.

Also update, that last sleep battle seems to have waned, less and less tears than no tears tonight, plus TWO naps today (which I think really she still needs at this point) who knows what the future holds, but I am glad I stayed the course last week with the crying, it really was the only way and now The Lord has gotten us through to the other side of that one, at least for a little while.


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