A Drinking Problem

No it isn’t me! Unless you count a slight reoccurring addiction to sugary soda as one, I have not become a lush! (There is this all natural brand called Virgil’s I love right now and get through my grocery delivery service, no caffeine or preservatives or HFCS! just sugar of course) Leia has the issue. Leia is a chugger. Unless it is plain water (I have relented and added like an ounce of juice to her water just to get her to drink it) Leia takes her sippy cup with both hands and downs it like she was in a contest. Why is this a problem?  She isn’t potty trained yet.

I know it isn’t a cloth diaper issue, it happened on our recent trip to NoCal too when I was using disposables. She just soaks herself pretty routinely. At least with cloth I can play around with giving her extra layers of absorbency for naps and nighttime. The worst is in the car, which of course is a big danger zone if we have to drive for any amount of time. It happened last night we were in LA traffic, going to our friends home. They live a good ways away and there was a total “peeslposion”. I had to change her in the driveway and that seat was soaked! Nothing like having to unhitch a car seat and strip the cover of of it to wash it and get it strapped back in. I want her to drink up, especially with hot weather looming, but I may have to be more strategic in when I let her tank up?

In other news, one good thing about having such a tiny house is it makes the chase a little easier. I took Leia to Park Day the other day, I felt like I couldn’t really talk to anyone, she is too little to really play but too big to stay still!  I am pretty close to ready to try for Scoggins baby the second, but lately I have been thinking it will be nice if she is a bit older and doing some self play when i am pregnant, maybe a little less chasing and a little less putting everything in her mouth would be helpful during that time.  It is so fun to interact with toddler Leia, but sometimes I miss that little snuggly baby wrapped in a woombie and unable to walk! I definitely miss those Mommy movies too 🙂 She is a joy though, at every stage!! I think we hit the jackpot with having her for a first baby she has overall all been pretty darn angelic 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Drinking Problem

  1. I wish I had some advice about the drinking! That sounds frustrating. I think I’ve heard that people have lined the car seat with plastic when they knew their toddler was going through a stage like that. About having your second, I know people who wait until about two years in between and say that that works out really well. I have a friend who is expecting her seventh and that’s how they have spaced them generally.

    Also I love Virgil’s soda’s too! Luckily I can usually split one with Dave and not intake too much at once. Or sometimes I drink half and put the cap back on and put it back in the fridge, because I am 85 years old… Otherwise I try to drink flavored seltzer, which I find refreshing in warm weather and which is sugar free. I never used to like it but I drink a lot of it now and it’s kind of like drinking soda because it’s carbonated so it’s satisfying in that way. I even like to bring it to the movies because it helps me not crave the sodas that I see people drinking around me!

    Good luck with everything!!

    • I should try and line the car seat when we go for extended drives. I may try the selzer, I always hated fizzy water, but maybe if it has flavor I could get into it. There was this carbonated fruit juice beverage I used to get too, but that was still pretty sugary. I was doing really well drinking mainly water for a while and then I got pregnant and I think somehow that messed me up 🙂 I went through the slurpy cravings and what not and I felt like it brought my addiction to soda back somewhat.

    • She loves that SO coconut milk by the way, as well as almond milk. I am going to dry and do more of the coconut milk myself

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