It’s not as cool as a transporter or warp speed but….

I often hear Moms with kids older than mine say how they envy different parent gear we have today.  I thought I would give a shout out to new mom technologies I really appreciate.

The Food pouch, totally portable food in plastic pouches aren’t just for astronauts anymore, babies and toddlers can use them too! I love those little organic fruit and vet pouches, so nice to carry around when out and about, or leave with a Daddy or a sitter 🙂

Advances in baby carriers. I love my Beco baby carrier, and it is just one of many awesome baby  transportation devices on the market. It is versatile and comfortable, to me it seems a long way from that baby bjorn I have a hazy memory of my Mom having or looking at (but I don’t remember her ever using?). Plus, it comes is gorgeous prints, I love me some gorgeous prints!

Bumbo chairs, though I could only use it for a short glorious while the bumbo chair held Leia happy through many a shower and meal preparation and it is really cute to see little babies sitting up in them.

Woombie, (or one of the halo ones or whatever other automatic swaddler you prefer) I loved woombie and was so sad to pack them away when Leia got too skilled at rolling over. Woombie is a little zip up cocoon so you don’t have to fool with pretending to be able to really swaddle, just zip zip and baby is all wrapped up, stretchy enough they can move a bit but tight enough they are truly swaddled. It made me a believer in swaddling and really calmed Leia down a lot as a newborn. I think it really helped me get more sleep during that time.Image

Modern cloth diapers! I won’t elaborate because I have talked about them before, but they are not your grandmas cloth diapers, no scary pins needed!

Pacifier and toy clips duh that was a good idea, though Leia can pull them off now.

Puffs and Baby Mum Mums, rice snacks that are soooo much less gross than teething biscuits and Zwieback toast! Instead of making a disgusting mess they just kind of dissolve.

Also update, that last sleep battle seems to have waned, less and less tears than no tears tonight, plus TWO naps today (which I think really she still needs at this point) who knows what the future holds, but I am glad I stayed the course last week with the crying, it really was the only way and now The Lord has gotten us through to the other side of that one, at least for a little while.


Sleep Wars : The Toddler Strikes Back

Please no book recommendations or links to sleep studies OK? I am a researcher by nature, and a momma with two masters degrees, I have done my homework! Much of it I did before Leia was even born. I know what is out there and I read and reread a lot. Though sleep training seems to be fraught with guilt trips and second guessing more than any other part of mothering babies! Sometimes I just want all those voices to be quiet! But then I would be left to the sound of Leia screaming so I often turn again to books and the internet for reassurance and guidance. Hard to believe anyone made it to age two before we had professionals to write all these books for us parents 😉

Also, no judgement please, well you can judge, but if you think I am a bad parent keep it to yourself OK? I think sleep training can be such a humbling experience, and at the same time one of those things that Moms quietly judge each other about.I know sleep training is kind of a mommy minefield these days, right up there with vaccines and the like. It’s tough to navigate all the voices and information and find what you believe and works for you. We are all trying our best and if you go a different route than me and it serves you that’s great! I just want to be open about where I am at and encourage others who make be in the same boat.

Anyway, I feel like Leia has just pulled out her death star in the sleep wars this week, and it has been so quiet and peaceful up until now! That’s the thing of it, you think you are good, you think the war is won and blammo it’s back on like donkey kong. A brief history of the war : Leia awesome sleeper 1-4 months, had to wake the kid up to eat!, 4 months breastfeeding issues and wacky sleep, no fun!!!, 6-12 months a few ups and downs, some crying here and there but overall pretty good.  A week of freak outs in the midst of weeks of peace. I credit schedule and some crying to a pretty good sleeper.

Yes, I said crying. For me sleep training involves some tears, mine and hers. I totally get why you wouldn’t want to do it. I hate it! However, I knew from the start we were not going to be a co sleeping family, that just ain’t us. I also knew I wanted to be committed to regular bedtimes and early bedtimes. My Mom had several babies when I was growing up, my siblings are all way younger than me, and my Mom was a Mom who never let a baby cry, and she can refute this if I am remembering it wrong, but I remember one tired Momma and a family whose life was kind of dictated by one little screamer. I think it kind of made me want to go the opposite way when I started thinking about it.  I guess I am more comfortable with the parent teaching a baby what they need school of thought as opposed to baby dictating what they think they need.  I suppose you could say I am more of a babywise or babywhisperer mom. Sorry if you hate me now, remember I am not letting your kid cry and I totally get why you might choose the opposite line of defense, that is just how it is for me and our family. So now that I am out in the open about the cry it out thing, up until now I have taken a pretty gentle approach to the cry it out thing. I would go in every ten minutes pat her or sometimes pick her up. It worked pretty well. There were tough times (Babywise is really unrealistic about how tough it is and the baby whisperer makes it sound easier than it sometimes is) but we muddled through and I felt like Leia learned how to self sooth and put herself to sleep in her bed, hooray.

Flash forward, after months of mostly calm she has started freaking out!!!! Believe me I check on her, do everything I can, give her stuff for teething pain but she just looses it in the bed, looses it!! It has escalated to the point where I think going in and patting and shushing is making it worse, I think I need to Weissbluth it. (Dr. Weissbluth is a baby sleep “expert” a part of his method is total cry it out). And even when I try and cheat and rock her to sleep, no dice, no matter how long I wait the second her head hits the pillow waaaaaaah! Has anyone else found a toddler to be a terror at sleep times, suddenly after being more or less good about going to sleep???? I feel like it is really different now that she is a toddler.  Believe me I check on her and try to address any actual need I think it might be, but she just screams when put in bed and I leave the room, she is fine during the day, fine right up until bed.

It is so hard and draining. I think so much about it and try and pick the course that seems right to me, but no matter which one I pick I feel doubts about doing the right thing, and then it is so hard to be consistent, which is so important, and on and on and on.  And then I think, geez it could be totally different with the next baby? Who knows what they will be like or what will work or not work for them?

I keep trying to remember “He gently leads those with young”, when I don’t feel led I feel lost. But I know that He is leading us and there probably is something I can learn through all of it. So I will keep chugging along, praying we will get over this phase, whatever it is, quickly if possible and I can grow in grace through it. Praying God will comfort both her and me because he loves us both. Aaah maybe that is a big lesson I should be learning, placing Leia in God’s loving hands, knowing He knew she would go through this and loves her too.





A Drinking Problem

No it isn’t me! Unless you count a slight reoccurring addiction to sugary soda as one, I have not become a lush! (There is this all natural brand called Virgil’s I love right now and get through my grocery delivery service, no caffeine or preservatives or HFCS! just sugar of course) Leia has the issue. Leia is a chugger. Unless it is plain water (I have relented and added like an ounce of juice to her water just to get her to drink it) Leia takes her sippy cup with both hands and downs it like she was in a contest. Why is this a problem?  She isn’t potty trained yet.

I know it isn’t a cloth diaper issue, it happened on our recent trip to NoCal too when I was using disposables. She just soaks herself pretty routinely. At least with cloth I can play around with giving her extra layers of absorbency for naps and nighttime. The worst is in the car, which of course is a big danger zone if we have to drive for any amount of time. It happened last night we were in LA traffic, going to our friends home. They live a good ways away and there was a total “peeslposion”. I had to change her in the driveway and that seat was soaked! Nothing like having to unhitch a car seat and strip the cover of of it to wash it and get it strapped back in. I want her to drink up, especially with hot weather looming, but I may have to be more strategic in when I let her tank up?

In other news, one good thing about having such a tiny house is it makes the chase a little easier. I took Leia to Park Day the other day, I felt like I couldn’t really talk to anyone, she is too little to really play but too big to stay still!  I am pretty close to ready to try for Scoggins baby the second, but lately I have been thinking it will be nice if she is a bit older and doing some self play when i am pregnant, maybe a little less chasing and a little less putting everything in her mouth would be helpful during that time.  It is so fun to interact with toddler Leia, but sometimes I miss that little snuggly baby wrapped in a woombie and unable to walk! I definitely miss those Mommy movies too 🙂 She is a joy though, at every stage!! I think we hit the jackpot with having her for a first baby she has overall all been pretty darn angelic 🙂