Traveling with Cloth diapers- the stinky truth (this may be gross)

Let me preface this by repeating how much I love cloth, and how I do it 100% of the time at home, and how everytime I use disposable my love and appreciation for cloth only increases 🙂

Having said all that, I think I am going to stick with my original rule, if leaving the house for more than a night or two I am going to break down and use disposable diapers.  I know some people travel with their cloth, but after this trip I have decided for me it isn’t worth it.

I was all set to go 100% cloth on this trip. I just kind of thought I would give it a go because I would be with friends and family the whole time and not in a hotel so I would have access to a washing machine. However, when I opened my suitcase I discovered an unopened bag of diapers left over from our Hawaii trip. I figured it would be more wasteful to not use them, so I decided to use them on travel days. I am really glad those were in my bag, because really the thought of trying to clean poo off a cloth diaper in an airplane bathroom actually seems pretty horrible and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. I think I could do it with an infant under 6 months, but for me I think 6 months and up I need a diaper sprayer! I don’t know how people do it without it. I guess I am a wimp!

Anyway, I used disposables while in the airport and then for much of the trip I have used cloth as planned.  I haven’t had trouble keeping them washed because I have had enough down time on this trip to take care of it. However, here are the two issues that will keep me using disposables on future trips most likely:

1. Poo! I just feel getting the poo into the potty without a diaper sprayer is too difficult. Maybe I am missing a technique here because since Leia has started solid food I have had a diaper sprayer, but I just find it really hard to get the ick off the diapers without getting it on me! Plus, dealing with this in public bathrooms even worse!

2. Wash routine. I started having big leak issues a day or so ago, I think a change in water or wash routine could have something to do with this. I know when people move sometimes they have to rethink the way they wash their cloth diapers, how much detergent, etc, so now I have leaky diapers that will need to be stripped most likely when we get home 😦 I just bought some disposable for the rest of the trip the other day oh well, I tried!

Then there is the issue of packing, I didn’t worry about it much this time, but when you are trying to streamline your packing cloth is kind of a bummer in that regard too.

This is probably the first negative thing I have said about cloth diapering I realize that. I love cloth and I do not find it a burden in my daily life. I love to praise the benefits of cloth diapers. For me though, I just think I am going to learn to be OK with using disposables one or two weeks a year when traveling. I mean originally this was the kind of think they were invented for anyway right? I think I wanted to write about it because I have read some posts on traveling with cloth that made it sound totally do-able, and I just wanted to be straight up about my experience with it 🙂