Does the Geneva Convention address snot?

So this is me trying to wipe Leia’s nose – 1x08 SayidAin'tNice.jpg


Not really, but seriously how do you clean a baby’s nose? I seriously have to hold her down kicking and screaming, and it is even worse with the mechanized snot sucker! I really feel like Sayid at times, but it is for her own good. Leia came down with a cold our last day in Hawaii, she doesn’t seem too sick but her nose is a mess and sometimes I just have to hold her down and wipe. She also acts slightly less dramatic when being wiped off after meal times or sometimes getting clothes changed. Other than that she is a happy go lucky girl, something about getting cleaned off brings out the inner drama queen.

In other news Hawaii was a great trip! I had my longest time apart from her while David and I enjoyed out Lost tour (if the pic above isn’t a clue, David and I are HUGE fans, we still watch the show, read books about it, and will always love it like Jin loves Sun). The tour was 8 hours and she stayed with friends who also brought a baby on the company trip. No melt downs were reported! I thought I was gearing up for our first overnight seperation at the end of March, but as it turns out those travel plans fell through (apparently American airlines doesn’t allow for stop overs anymore?) and I admit I am pretty relieved  I will face the first overnight challenge later (maybe in July but this time Daddy would keep her).  It is important to me not to mother out of fear and we definitely plan on attending the next rep trip next Feb. sans Leia, but right now I am glad to hold it off a bit longer 🙂 Maybe on kid two or three I will sing a different tune?

Regarding travel three things I have learned-

The older your baby gets the harder airline travel is, but still totally worth it!! Especially for the stay at home Mom, any trepidation of getting on a plane should be weighed against the idea of a week out of your house with no cooking or cleaning!!

Disposable diapers foster poopsplosions! When I leave the house for more than two nights I break down and do disposables.  I had a theory that cloth diapers do better against poop disasters, after another week of disposables for me this is confirmed. The only time I have poopsplosions is when we wear disposables, something about them seems to just push the stuff up the baby’s back?! Yuck. Gross I know but true and you know me I love singing the praises of cloth diapers.

I love my Beco baby carrier! I don’t know how I would live without it especially when I travel. It helps keep her contained on a plane and many times helps her sleep both on planes and when we are out on vacation during nap times or past bedtimes.  I love having my hands free and it keeps her pretty happy while we do whatever.  I am sure some other brands like Ergo are just as lovable, for any new moms I def recommend splurging and getting one of the expensive baby carriers (ie not one you can put on your target registry sorry) so worth it in my opinion, a baby item I really really use!



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