Maybe THE most frustrating thing about being a mom to tiny people…

Sleep. I know I could have done a lot worse sleep wise in my life as a mom so far. Leia was an awesome newborn sleeper, for the first month I was waking up just to make sure she was OK, i mean I expected her to get up every hour or something right? She would sleep soundly through the night. Then around 4 months we had a really difficult phase, sleep training had to start in earnest. There were some unorthodox nap positions and I think a lot of the issue was her being hungry (see my past posts on my breastfeeding dillema) but we made it through and in general I guess I get pretty good sleep compared to some moms.

Still, lets face it, it will just never be the same.  I never get to sleep in ever, I mean it is so far off I don’t even want to think about when that gets to happen ( I guess when my kids are dropped off with Grandma and mommy and daddy go out of town for something, then it might happen, but if I know me I will probably just wake up anyway).  For a while now Leia doesn’t really require me to come into her room too often in the night, but she does cry out pretty regularly and even though she puts herself back to sleep I still hear it and am awake.  Then we got back from Ohio and for a few nights she was just sleeping without a peep truly all night! from 7-7 pretty much woohoo. I know it was naive but I kind of that that was it, maybe we were really to that place where she was just sleeping through the night for real, no sort of sleeping through the night just doing it. But the thing that is so frustrating about baby sleep is no matter what you do (I def think schedule and sticking to your guns about schedules does help though, for me I can say I think having my baby on a schedule that I tried to dictate rather than her has overall really helped, yeah it is tough sometimes but I think easier in the long run) things change. Something is lying in wait to mess up the sleep! For me this week I really think it is two front teeth, she didn’t get them for christmas, so I think they are bugging her now.  I am pretty confident it is that because usually, even if she had trouble going to sleep once asleep she would stay that way for a while, last night she would be asleep in her bed I would shut the door she would be asleep and then 5 minutes later waaah…. This went on for two or three hours, and still she didn’t want to sleep in this morning!

The other super frustrating thing about sleep is naps. And by that I mean my naps not hers, I am not going to touch hers, that is a can of worms isn’t it? I fought long and hard to get her taking naps and for the most part I have succeeded (though teeth and standing abilities are disrupting that a little this week) and it was a good fight and well worth it, but the thing I am frustrated about right now, is that even after a night like last night when I really want a nap, so often that little window when she is asleep thereby allowing me to sleep I can’t sleep!? Maybe it is the pressure, knowing you only have this little window to sleep, maybe it is just being too tired who knows? Then there are all the conflicting desires at naptime, she often goes down when I am hungry and ready for my own lunch, or just want to take a minute to read or relax or you know have all those chores that are so much easier to do when she is asleep, etc etc, etc.  Sleep bahhumbug!

Still, when Leia has a rough few days I have to reflect on how great she is pretty much all the time, She is a really happy baby for the most part and I have to be thankful for the great newborn sleep too, not everyone gets off to such a good start. Here is hoping tonight goes better, the thing about the sleep war, it is not like it is a battle you can walk away from, you always have to give it another shot…


One thought on “Maybe THE most frustrating thing about being a mom to tiny people…

  1. Daniel’s teeth came in like that – – two, or four at a time. It is painful. Try the baby ibuprofen for her pain, maybe that will help. I feel for both of you. You and your siblings did not sleep well or take good naps. This time will be gone soon though. It is where God has planted you for now. Try and be patient – – turn the fan up louder:)

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