The puree princess

I know some cool laid back moms probably think feeding a baby is really simple and natural, they probably also had no trouble breastfeeding till their kids was like 4, but alas despite some of my crunchy mama leanings I am finding feeding Leia to be somewhat complicated. So many decisions! Like with everything involved with parenting you are always wondering if you are doing the best thing and if there isn’t something better you could be doing.

Currently the cup thing is bewildering to me. Tomorrow I am going to stop pushing the sippy cup and just try to get her drinking out of  a cup sans sippy. I have tried a hard spout, soft spout and a straw cup and the most water I have been able to get her to drink has been with no lid at all. Of course it also turns into a baby wet t-shirt contest so there is that.  She is supposed to be drinking water at each feeding though, and i could put it in a bottle, but I read i shouldn’t do that of course.

Finger foods, I should relax and let her eat things I guess. I feel I am holding her back somehow, but the choking thing freaks me out! I feel like I need to review my infant CPR and choking procedures weekly.  We sure love puffs though! It is sooo cute to watch her eat them, and they are just too good of a distraction when I am preparing her other food, I am guilty of pushing puffs too much i suppose.

I also read on some blog that she should be feeding herself between 8-10 months, now she just turned 8 months and though she loves to eat I just can’t imagine her eating by herself with a spoon anytime soon. She will take it sometimes and just chew on it. Hard for me to see her getting the idea of taking the food from it and pulling it outside of her mouth let alone getting food from the bowl to the spoon, she immediately wants to grab bowl and smack her whole hand in it whenever bowl comes near her.

She likes food though, she has only the past couple days kind of turned her head at veggies a couple times (she never turns her hear at fruit).  She would explode like a goldfish I think if I fed her all the fruit and oatmeal she wanted.  Making my own purees is going fine too, not much of a hassle really.  I just hope I am giving her enough variety. I puree things and freeze them in ice cube trey looking things. I have limited freezer space so I can only store so many of those at a time.

It just seems like this is an area (like everything regarding babies) that people have a billions opinions on every aspect of. What to feed, how much, when to introduce what and how,utensils, sippy cups or no sippy cups., etc etc. I was unprepared for the wilderness of opinions on this subject. I just thought, well at least I can control what she eats after having to give in and give her formula.Maybe I shouldn’t read so much about everything. I hear crazy things on the internet about 4 1/2 months old drinking from cups and 6 month olds feeding themselves and I feel like I must somehow be holding her back in her food exploration!

Maybe this is one of those things that will seem a lot easier with the second kid, or is easier simply because I don’t have the time to read blogs about it 😉




5 thoughts on “The puree princess

  1. Are you skipping juice and just doing water? I hate the idea of juice, but am not sure. Our dr mentioned sippy cups which seems hilarious since he does t hOld his bottle yet!

    • I figured I would just do water first, I gave her some prune juice a couple times to help with constipation but that was i nher bottle and it was a while ago. If she really won’t take to cups I may try some juice to make it more rewarding or I am thinking about putting some formula in, but no I am in no rush to do juices I don’t see the point, she gets plenty of real fruit in her diet without all the added sugar and empty calories

  2. I feel the same way…I was surprised how he suggested juice but i think i will try water first too. we just found out about a 19 month old baby that gets coke (caffeine free like that’s better) in her bottle and coffee soooooo it just makes you realize that whatever we do or don’t do they are super lucky to have parents that don’t do stupid things! AH!

    • Yikes! That is so true, it is scary for how obsessive I am about taking care of my baby there are sooo many people who just seem to barely care! I guess I should really chill about using canned food for a week lol!

    • And sorry but why oh why would even a horrible parent want to give a 19 month old coffee?????

      On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 4:37 PM, Amanda Scoggins wrote:

      > Yikes! That is so true, it is scary for how obsessive I am about taking > care of my baby there are sooo many people who just seem to barely care! I > guess I should really chill about using canned food for a week lol! > >

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