Cause thems the rules

Two things I think my kids will get tired of hearing me say-

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.” -Benjamin Franklin

You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit (overheard at a teacher conference)

Also, lots of geeky quotes from Star wars and trek respectively. (hmmm maybe as a mom I will finally be able to speak like Captain Picard and say “Make it so”)

I will admit I kind of like rules. I hate breaking rules in general. I mean with the exception of pirating entertainment when in the two thirds world. There is such a thing as situational ethics. When we lived in Beirut there was this Crazy video store tucked away in our neighborhood.  I think it had been there through the war, it had to have been, I mean this guy had a collection! So many movies, way better than blockbuster, but of course you could tell a lot of them not quite legit 😉 Anyway, for the most part I like order and structure and I want that for my family (yes sometimes David is a bit too loosy goosey for my taste, I am sure you are thinking it if you know him).

I am sure all moms have their own little rules. One of mine is the sweatpant rule for myself, I try and only have two full days of being in sweatpants (but in a recent addendum to that rule, if I get spit up on my pants two or more times I get to change into sweatpants). After posting about this rule, my Aunt said I should write down my mommy rules. It got me thinking, what are my rules?

Discipline is something that is so important to me as a parent, but that I feel as I look at my sweet little angel baby, is something I will have to pray about everyday to really do it! Parents are parents and kids are kids, and parents are in charge not kids, that is a rule for me. I really think if you child doesn’t learn to obey you it is the biggest disservice you can do for them (and for people around them, especially their teachers, I speak from experience). That little bit of sass may seem cute when they are two I guess, but it won’t when they are 8!

Early bedtimes and independent play. Leia goes to bed at 7, I don’t know if this is all me, but as she gets older I plan on enforcing early bedtimes really until she is too old for one. Mom and Dad get time together and she gets the rest a growing girl needs. Independent play, this is newer to me, but a lot of great moms I know have times during the day when their young children have to entertain themselves (not with the TV or video games of course but with actual play or learning) Leia is pretty good at having 10-15 minute periods a couple times a day in her playpen. I think the benefits of this are pretty obvious.

I really want my kids to learn to sit still and be quiet when it is appropriate to do so. I think we are way too lax with our expectations of kids in this area (again maybe this is coming from the elementary school teacher in me).

OK so besides crochety sounding rules for my kids, what else? I have already broken the no spit bath thing. Let’s face it it is pretty hard to be grossed out once you become a Mom.  I will try and refrain from doing it in public I guess. Not looking like a mess in public with spit up on the clothes, yeah that rule is out the window.  I hate yelling, don’t want to do that. I want to just have a look that strikes fear instead. When I first had Leia I let everybody hold her that asked pretty much. I mean I wasn’t around total strangers wh owere asking to hold her, but right away we were taking her to church and things and I tried to have open hands with her in that way. I know you have to think about germs Leia is a pretty happy social baby and unless she is really tired loves meeting new people, I hope I played a part in that. I think when you are showing that you are fearful for your kids they probably pick up on that and get scared themselves.  So I like to be a brave mom 🙂 Make myself still travel with Leia in tow.  Teach my daughter how to cook and bake and clean and keep house and care for little ones.  Try and have high and not low expectations for our kids. I feel like bars are pretty low these days for American kids, behavior wise, in academics, etc. Read to little ones everday until they are reading for themselves everyday, no wait keep reading to them until they are just ridiculously old 🙂 Hmmm, and I never liked the “you have to eat everything on your plate rule”. I don’t eat everything on my plate half the time, so who knows what will happen if I have a kid that won’t eat (right now that is not the case!) but I want to be a little more low key about making a kid eat an appropriate amount of healthy stuff.

Oh no bikinis or any kind of hoochie attire in this house! I am really big on little girls looking like little girls and ladies being ladies! I guess that goes back into the crochety category. I will be a fun old lady.

Of course the number one rule for a Mom has to be flexibility, so it will be fun to look back on what I just wrote a few years from now!


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