Leia is almost 6 months old. I can’t believe how fast she is growing, you always hear people say that but you don’t really get it. I of course am ridiculous and can get teary eyed anytime I think about it or look at her too long!

Maybe this is why I am more obsessed with pictures that I ever have been. I have never been a picture person, never really liked being in them or taking them. I traveled the world and took pictures out of a sense of obligation because I knew I would want them later. I never really enjoyed it though and so don’t have nearly enough pictures from our crazy vagabond days. I think I just never liked having to push the pause button on life enough to take a photo. Plus, never felt like I was very good at it either! Now though I usually have a camera and a flip camera in my diaper bag and am always taking pics of her. It helps that I need to keep all are far away family and friends able to see her, but really I just have this insatiable need to document her and keep each little moment and stage. I just think she is so amazing! I want to push the pause button every time I look at her or hold her! Pyramids, the great wall, Petra, the louvre, Macchu Piccu, etc etc, all those things didn’t make me want to take photos (again really glad I have photos now!) but this little baby makes me do it all the time!

So as far as the sleep goes, it seems like it is all about the naps. She needs two or three naps to be happy and healthy I think. Everything goes better when she gets her naps. Past two or three weeks we have had a good run too. I just make her take the naps and she usually cries just a bit when I put her in the crib, but once I shut the door she often stops!  I guess she knows this Mom means business now. Of course sometimes she just plays in her bed for a while, talks to herself and what not and then 20 minutes later starts crying :/I have just come to the conclusion babies need sleep though, they need a lot of it, if I don’t help her get that sleep she is not happy and sleep is harder for her. There are still rocky days and nights of course, that’s life. Plus, it is just hard to always have her in her crib at the exact moment she needs to be when she needs 2-3 naps and goes to bed at 7 pm! Sometimes life does get in the way and that usually ushers in a rough night or two.  One thing that will be nice about our babies growing up will be that sleep routines don’t totally dominate my life anymore 🙂


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