Little Purses- a memorial

I don’t know what a purse says about a woman, but I seemed to accumulate a lot of little purses in my pre mommyhood days. I had some medium sized purses to travel with, but since I started carrying purses I seemed to gravitate towards dainty as opposed to cavernous. In my closet is a graveyard of cute purses and who knows when they will be used again? Should I just get rid of them?

There are a couple little gray numbers for winter, one with a little black bow. There is a white linen purse, with pink gingham check inside and a big green embroidered A on the outside :), there are purses from travels, one that kind of looks like a tapestry from Venice, a purple purse from Peru. A trusty green travel purse that has held up well through several international trips and daily wear in California as well. There are purses I can’t even remember I am sure.  I am not a fashionista by any means, but I miss my purses. I really like my diaper bags,  I am thankful that diaper bags have gotten stylish instead of those awful looking things I remember women carrying when I was growing up. Plastic looking, with pastels and peanuts characters or winnie the pooh on them, no way they could be mistaken for anything other than a diaper bag! But for a small purse girl, diaper bags are huge! I feel like I am going to the airport everytime I go anywhere. Even those rare moments when I get out of the house without Leia a lot of times I end up just grabbing my wallet instead of digging out a purse.

I am so proud to be a Mommy and revel in my new role. I was really ready for this, but you know there are those little things that make you realize how different you are.  Will a little purse ever work, lets say I get out of the baby years of all the kids we might be blessed with, even as they grow, won’t I need a big purse to accomodate snacks and cups and etc etc etc?  I miss traveling light! Now a trip anywhere requires so much thought, diapers, wipes, tummy medicine, maybe a bottle, burp rag, extra clothes for her (realistically I should bring an extra shirt for me half the time!), stroller, carseat, toys…..

So whatever my little purses may have said about me at one time, that woman is diaper bag woman now and for the foreseeable future will be carrying bigger bags! I may try and bring out a little purse for those rare mommy nights out, but mainly as with so many thing Mom, it is function over form (though in all fairness my diaper bags are pretty cool 😉


2 thoughts on “Little Purses- a memorial

  1. It is so interesting to hear about these little things that you are going through. For my two cents I say keep the little purses, or at least most of them. To me, a nice purse is something you can use next year or in twenty years if you still like the looks of it and it is in good shape, so even if you pack most of them away for now to save space, I think you will want them sometime. For ones that you are not so attached to you might give them away! I find that this makes it easier for me to get rid of things sometimes, especially if I can give them to someone I know, or someone who will appreciate them.

    • Thanks. I will be keeping most of them, I mean they are small why not? 🙂 A few I will probably give away. Most of the women I hang out with of course are other moms now, I will see if I can find someone who would use them. Of course all of this entails me being more organized than I might find time to be!

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