Wanted to be June Cleaver,but now being Samantha on Bewitched would be just as realistic

When I was working full time and going to school full time I would fantasize about being a stay at home Mom and baking the day away, or creating fun projects for my kids to do and of course having the cleanest house I have ever had! The reality is, taking care of a baby is actually makes housework harder to do than any amount of outside of the home work I ever had.

I started the little book “31 Days to Clean: Having a Mary house the Martha way” with really good intentions, and I haven’t given up, but lets just say 31 days to clean will be like 365 days to clean?  The book has inspired me to complete more tasks than I otherwise would, but the season of fussing and poor sleep Leia has entered into has made it really hard to find the energy for anything but her. During those hard earned nap times, it is really hard to make myself use that time to clean out a closet for instance.

I try and keep the bare minimum done at least, but our house is tiny and I feel like the least little mess just spills out into our living space extra quick.  Still, I try to celebrate the things I do get done and celebrate the gift of nurturing I am giving my daughter when I get nothing else done! I am sure things with Leia will shift eventually, and as long as I keep trying to balance order and rest in my house I think good things will come and our home will thrive.

June Cleaver rocks and I admit, I would like to be that awesome, but these days as long as I don’t end up like Rosanne I count it a victory 😉


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