Forget Ferberize- Scogginate your baby! (My Mommy style is lost!)

I am sitting looking at my baby sleeping in her car seat right outside our open front door at the moment. It is just now 5 pm. She just fell asleep. At 16 weeks black is white and night is day around here! Leia Juliet hit her three month growth spurt three weeks ago, we got through it but I don’t know this new baby! For the first couple months I would say Leia was an “angel baby”, she slept and slept, I had to wake her up at night! Around 8 weeks or so she woke up got a little more cranky, but still was sleeping great. She never needed much coaxing to to nap in her crib, sometimes she would get upset UNTIL I laid her in her crib.  I had a schedule, and things were going along swimmingly.

The new reality for the last couple of weeks has been scream when she gets in her bed and resist sleep at all costs! I try to have the gentle nap and bedtime routines. They go fine until she starts to fall asleep and then she starts kicking her legs wildly and crying and crying.  She will not nap and I don’t know why. I feel so bad that she isn’t getting enough sleep.  Anyway, drama drama drama everytime I try to put her to sleep. I know a lot of people will say “Cry it out!” but honestly I would have to let her cry way longer than I am comfortable with. I have tried ten minutes or so and she just gets crazy and I feel awful and I just don’t see that working for us.

I don’t see myself as the totally go with the flow, attachment parenting type. I personally think kids need routine and structure and so do mom and dad! I am in crisis not being able to get any routine to work though! It is so wearing! Last night David stepped in and was just like ” hey don’t make her go to sleep” basically. He said ” is it worth all this emotional stress for the both of you to try and get her to sleep in her bed by some arbitrary schedule?” I didn’t know what to think, but neither did I know what to do, I had spent 45 minutes trying to get her to sleep only to have her wake herself up after rolling over twice minutes after she was laid down! So I just watched a movie with David and let her fall asleep on my lap and then finally at 9:30 (ugh) I put her in bed and she slept ALL NIGHT!! 7 hours of sleep than a peaceful feed and like 3 more hours of sleep.  I am not saying this is my technique, but who knows maybe David Scoggins should develop a sleep method, move over baby whisperer, Dr. Sears and Ferber (FYI ferberize is the sleep method of letting a baby cry it out, made popular for Dr. Ferber- I didn’t know with until I had a baby!).

So I don’t know what is going on, I know I really enjoyed some sleep. Everyday I keep looking hopefully for a tooth, if only I could blame it on teeth!!!! Trying to stay positive. Leia is pretty happy when not being asked to sleep (even though she is sooo tired, I know!) and we had the first tear free bath ever last night woohoo! All her smiles are a big help. I just feel I am making so many concessions, trying all kinds of things to get her to sleep and then just giving up and letting her not have a good nap.  I miss nap times, I feel scattered because it is hard to get things done with a sleepy baby who never sleeps! So I guess this phase is about learning to live by grace, feeling God’s grace for myself as a Mom and being reminded that as much as I love her even when she is going crazy God loves both of us so much more and must have pleasure in how much I love her right?!

Hoping for teeth….


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