Newborn no more, and yes I am that Mom

Leia will be 16 weeks tomorrow. Apparently you are only a newborn up to three months. Now she is an “infant”. She is so different! She is still petite for her age. I am so curious what she weighs. She looks much tinier than a lot of other babies I see her age or younger. She is actually tall though, (tall and slim, she did not get that from me!), but I don’t think it is noticeable because she is so tiny otherwise. We go to the doctor August 8th, and I just hope she weighs “enough”. The last thing I want to hear is that I should supplement formula or something, she seems to eat a lot to me and it is a lot of work! I know breastfeeding is supposed to help keep a baby from being obese and even somehow supposed to help it be less likely to be obese later on, so I am hoping she is just a perfectly healthy trim girl!

I feel like she is changing all the time. I have to look at pictures to remember the newborn face already. Tonight on our evening stroll I noticed she took up so much more of the car seat than she used too.  She smiles more and more and I even heard a wonderful laugh yesterday! It was maybe the best sound I have ever heard! She is soooo wiggly now. She has rolled both ways for a few weeks now. At night she just scoots and rolls all over the crib. It’s crazy I will put her in the top middle of the crib and I go in to get her and she is in the bottom corner and has gone horizontal instead of vertical! She was getting her legs stuck in the crib slats until I bought a mesh bumper called “breathable bumper”. At the advice of all the experts and APA I removed her pretty crib bumper when she started rolling (which for us was very eary!) because I just want her to be safe even though i love her pretty bedding, but then found she was getting her little legs stuck in the crib so had to find the mesh bumper to stop that. I would highly recommend it to anyone, I feel much better. The first night I bought it I came in to check on her and her face was smashed right up against it, so i was glad it was breathable!

I think some of this mobility could account for some of the sleep issues we have been having. Well that is one of my many theories anyway. We went through that growth spurt and though her sleep has gotten better it still isn’t what it was.  It is a constant puzzle to me. She seems to do well with her naps most of the time during the day, she goes to sleep at her normal time at night, but then this month night is kind of a free for all :/

I am trying to see if we can sleep without Woombie. (If you don’t know want woombie is check it out, one of my FAVORITE things! The main reason I am trying to do that is because she is getting so adept at rolling and i don’t like the idea of her rolling on to her tummy and getting stuck because her arms are swaddled (this happened one night and I awoke to a VERY angry baby, she hates being on her tummy!).  It’s exciting to see her becoming more mobile and growing, but it is tough too. I love Woombie! I love seeing her bundled up in it, and just the fact that she has sort of outgrown it makes me tear up.

It is things like this that make me realize I am fully Mom now. I tear up so easily! just looking at her, hearing her laugh, putting away little clothes she has outgrown, etc, etc, etc makes me feel like a Hallmark commercial. I look back and remember all the times I thought “Gee Mom why are you crying?” and now I understand. Though I still think my mom could out- sap me, I know Leia Juliet will be wondering why I tear up over all kinds of things she does.



6 thoughts on “Newborn no more, and yes I am that Mom

  1. I like the halo swaddle wraps it seems to keep him on his back more than the woombie. But she is older so I don’t know!

    • those look really nice too, I like the arm options, maybe I will try one with next baby. I think she just may be outgrowing swaddling though, it doesn’t seem to have the same calming effect that it had on her as a newborn and she has had a long nap without it now and seems to be sleeping normally tonight (so far) without it. I am using one of her gowns with the little built in scratch mitts, seems like a halfway point to me 🙂

  2. So precious! Enjoy every minute of her, it goes by so quickly! Ailyn started crawling the day she turned 5 months, so enjoy the next few weeks. All three of ours have been early movers and it makes me a little sad. It is exciting to see her branch out and explore her world, but it is a little sad too. At almost 7 months she seems to have no fear of the unknown and wants to pull herself up (with mixed success). You need to post some more pics of your little lady!

    • I think she would crawl soon if she would just deal with being on her tummy for two seconds! She gets so mad. Oh well, I don’t really want her crawling just yet 🙂 Need more pics of your little ones too!

      • since i wrote the last comment she has started putting aside her hatred of tummy time and started pushing up with her little arms, so watch out world!

  3. I’m wondering how long he will want to be swaddled, but I LOVE it for now:) I am SURE she is getting enough to eat too, I think boys are bigger, Luke seems huge to me…he ate 19 oz while I was at work the other day!!

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