Can you hear me now? Phones and babies don’t really mix

Trying to accomplish things on the phone with a baby is pretty stressful. You may start the call with a happy baby, but then in the thick of it she may start wailing, and then what do you do? You try and comfort with one hand to no avail, all the while trying to hear the person on the other end. You wonder what they must be thinking of your mothering skills as you try and conduct whatever business that needs to be taken care of while a baby screams in the background. You don’t want to call back only to start the cycle of being on hold, answering questions, and then baby probably screaming  anyway, starting again. I really love the internet, I think it can be a great help to moms. I have my little netbook, and can even type one handed while feeding her (which has to be what I do half the time!) I can do things online in a minute that would be monumental on the phone. Viva la internet! Of course, you just got to watch not spending too much time on it 😉

I find that in general I stay pretty relaxed when Leia cries, at least when it is just Leia and me, but when I am in public or even when David is home I feel more harried and like I need to “fix” it! I don’t know if this is because subconsciously I feel like people will think I am a bad mom, or because I just don’t want people to be bothered by a baby crying, or a bit of both, but I think it is always best to remain calm as a mom and so I am trying to do that in all circumstances! My worst fear as a Mom may be being a crazy high strung lady who always seems frustrated and worried, especially as Leia gets older (and definitely as we add more kids to the fam- whole new level of challenge there!!) it is really important for me to keep things in perspective and stay on top of my own emotions. As Leia grows David and I will have to discipline and that is something that shouldn’t be done out of anger (I can’t imagine being angry at Leia right now, but I am sure that will change one day….) , so I am working now on taking breaths and just staying relaxed even when she is fussy and I am tired. Nobody is perfect and I know my kids will see me in weak moments and I will have to ask their forgiveness, but I have never needed to be a mature adult more than I need to be now, so i have got to submit the worries and the crazies (and yes even my hormones!) to the Lord!

Also, unrelated, it is amazing how you instantly become less squeamish when you become a Mom, but i could do with a little less spit up on me to be honest 🙂 It doesn’t gross me out, but I get tired of either changing, or suddenly remembering when out in public “oh yeah there is puke on my shirt, awesome.” It’s a whole new world!





One thought on “Can you hear me now? Phones and babies don’t really mix

  1. Ha ha, yeah, the unknown puke is a nice perq, isn’t it? I’m just an auntie and I still get that sometimes. I wish my sister lived closer!

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