Thursday David, Leia and I went out to lunch. Somehow the conversation got around to how long it had been since I had spent a night away from the house (the hospital does not count!) and by the time lunch was over we resolved to go somewhere!

We ended up driving up the coast, stopping at Carmel, Palo Alto (to see Stanford, David spent a summer there and wanted to show me how ridiculously amazing their campus is, why anyone would pick Harvard over Stanford is beyond me!), Sonoma, and San Francisco. With the exception of Carmel everything was new for me, and of course everything was new for Leia!

Of course being spontaneous is a little harder with a baby, but it is just one baby as opposed to two or three little ones so I figure we should take advantage of this time. I quickly made the decision to go with disposables for the weekend because of the hassle of packing cloth, but I missed our cloth diapys! I used to think it sounded odd, the devotion to cloth I heard in women’s voices, but I am kind of getting obsessed myself with cloth diapers for a host of reasons I won’t go into here. Anyway, I scrambled to pack up everything Leia would need and get us ready too. I failed to pack enough warm clothes for David and myself, but oh well we still had fun!

Road trips are great for a newborn, at least if your baby loves the car like ours does. She really did wonderfully, hardly crying, and praise the Lord she slept like a dream every night we were away. I just wrapped her in her woombie and laid her on pillows in the floor by our bed and she really pretty much slept through the night each night 🙂 We had a great time, and though Leia isn’t at an age where she really can enjoy travel, it was wonderful to have her along, great to see Daddy getting to spend more time with her than normal, and enjoying the sense of accomplishment that comes from successfully doing new things with a baby. I try to look at life with my new baby as a big adventure, I think that helps keep learning how to navigate the world with an infant in tow from being just crazy stressful and makes it more of an exciting challenge.  So far I can’t think of things I have regretted doing with her.

My only problem is fighting feeling guilty if I think I may be doing the wrong thing. I worry about her even when she seems happy and content. I worry I had her in her carseat too much, even though she really seems to like it. I worry about keeping her out late, even when she just falls asleep wherever she is, I feel like I should guard her little routine. The spontaneous vacation helped me chill out a bit I think and just enjoy the ride with her. She really did great! I recommend road trips and unplanned adventures with a new baby. David and I have always planned to keep travelling even as our family expands, this weekend was a good start. Also, it was a great time for us to connect as a family, really thankful my husband decided we should just get up and go!


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