Joy in the journey

Walking to work this morning it hit me how soon I will meet my daughter face to face! It is so easy to get distracted from that joy with all the pregnant stuff, and preparations and just life.  This is a good time to practice that art of putting what really matters first I think. My Mom was asking me if everything was ready, and I was like “well we have everything we need, I just seem to have so much organizing and cleaning and washing to do and never seem to have the energy to do it after I get home from work”.  She said that really that was the way motherhood is, you never really have time to get everything done, and most Mom’s seem to say they wish they had not stressed so much about baby’s room and housework and spent all that energy enjoying their new baby. I know she will grow sooooo quick! I know that having a clean, organized home is a good thing and I want to do my best managing our household, but I don’t want to be a woman who stresses over every dust bunny and teaches her that what matters is chores and not joy. I want to teach her to manage a household and be helpful and have a servant’s heart, but I want her to know she always matters more than a dirty dish or toys that are out of place. So their definitely needs to be a balance between work and rest, but I want to be sure it isn’t all work in my house.

I think it really helped me going out for a surprise date with David last night. I have definitely been having some third trimester blues lately. I have just been so tired and uncomfortable. Work is almost done, but hey this job is going nowhere 😉 and I want to use that energy for more productive feeling things at this point.  (the count is seven more work days FYI).  It was good to just connect with David, forget about to do lists and chores.

I can’t wait to see David and Leia meeting as well! So soon everything will change for our family and I am so happy for this new season for us. It is scary and overwhelming to think of being responsible for this little person, and David and I both have really high standards for ourselves as parents, just as we have always had for our marriage. Raising Leia is a sacred trust between us and the Lord, we have a huge responsibility to diligently train her up in the way she should go. On the flip side of that though, is the comfort in knowing that God gave us Leia Juliet specifically and we are a part of the plan for her life.  It is no accident she is our daughter! With all our imperfections this baby was meant for us.

OK, this post was maybe a bit on the serious and mushy side, but I am glad to be focusing on the good things coming my way for a bit rather than how ridiculously pregnant I am! Hopefully I will post a pic soon of her little room (or half room, half of it will still be storage). I am waiting on a a couple more items in the mail to make it complete 🙂


One thought on “Joy in the journey

  1. Aww you two are so sweet!!! I’m glad you had a chance for a little date! I hope to see pics of the room when you get a chance. =)

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