No one knows the hour or the day!

Well if I never pee in a cup again it will be too soon! Going to the doctor every week now. Things are always fine. Leia was in the head down birth position when I went yesterday.  No more tests until labor. I just pee in cups, get my blood pressure and temp taken, get weighed, and the doctor looks at the baby and listens to her heartbeat. So far no checking for dilation or anything like that. I only seem to gain about a pound a week lately, so I really think it is pretty much actual baby weight so that is good.

My doctor said she always thought this was the worst part of pregnancy, I am beginning to agree. I thought nothing could be worse than the nauseated purgatory of the first trimester, and plus you have the peace of mind of feeling more secure that your baby is OK after the first trimester is over, but the third trimester is pretty darn uncomfortable and once you get to where I am you may have all kind of practice contractions and you are always wondering, does this mean something? Could I go into labor? It’s extra hard since I have never actually done this before and thus it is impossible to really know what it feel like or how it will go. Everyone’s descriptions are so different too, so I don’t know what I will experience. Some people don’t even notice braxton hicks contractions, some people’s water doesn’t even break, while some people have it burst open all at once. Some people go fast or early, some late and slow, so who knows what is in store for me?? What I do know is things are going on and changing in my belly. I have had the braxton Hicks contractions for a long time now, but they have really increased in frequency and last night there was some pain. Relaxing, taking a bath made them stop for a while, but I am wondering how many weeks of practice contractions or false labor I will have. I just try and stay relaxed when the contractions happen and practice breathing and relaxation techniques. At least the car seat is in the car!

I have tried to make myself believe there is no way she will come early and to expect April 15th to come and go with no baby, but then I hear so many early baby stories and feel like I have to be ready for that too.

13 more work days I think. I only count work days and not weekends. After this week I only have two more work weeks left! (unless she comes early of course!). It is pretty crazy, I haven’t reflected on it very much, too busy being pregnant and thinking about baby to think about the end of my teaching at Judson. It will have been almost four years working here.  I just can’t seem to get philosophical about it though, it is just a challenge going in each day and all my thoughts are taken up by my baby coming!

Just a few more things to do before she comes really. I pretty much have everything I need I think. I just need to get it all assembled and organized (but then I keep thinking of little things too). I am so thankful to have gathered so many baby things.  I just need the energy to make those final preparations, a lot of times I putter out before I can finish a to do list, or start having fake contractions and feel the need to rest.  Also thankful for my supportive husband, he lets me rest and take all the baths I need and has gotten used to the lack of good home cooked meals lately. Plus, sometimes talks me into going out to a movie, which is good too 🙂


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