home stretch- ugh

I still think David Fincher’s “Seven” is one of the best crime dramas ever, I mean with a fast forward button because its really gross at times, but the script is fantastic. The young ambitious Brad Pitt and the seasoned detective Morgan Freeman are  great together. At one point near the end Morgan Freeman says this to Brad Pitt’s character “If John Doe’s head splits open and a UFO should fly out, I want you to have expected it.” I kind of feel that way about pregnancy at this point. The third trimester can be pretty rough. It seems like every week brings a new way for my body to work against me. It’s like “Oh yeah, your arm fell off, totally normal part of pregnancy, you didn’t know?”  There are so many things you have no idea are a normal part of pregnancy that can just pop up and make you more uncomfortable. I won’t go into it here, but one symptom is driving me nuts right now, its gross and weird and I had no idea it was something pregnant women were prone to, until I got pregnant! (If you are curious you can message me I don’t mind talking about it, but I don’t know who all reads this and it wouldn’t be ladylike to discuss with just anyone). These things just seem to pile up too, aches and pains, heartburn, shortness of breath, charlie horses and on and on. Somehow it helps when I can understand why it probably happens. I had this awful cold last week for example, worst cold I have ever had, it is still hanging on a bit. Anyway, just finding out that it was so bad probably because my immune system is compromised by the pregnancy somehow helped. Your first pregnancy there just seems to be so much you have no idea about! I am sure it wasn’t always like this, or in other cultures it probably isn’t like this, but pregnancy and child rearing just aren’t as public as they should be in our society. I think it all should seem a lot more natural than it does to most first time American Moms, but a lot of us just seem to have to be surprised by so many things and read about things on the internet we should have grown up seeing and hearing about through women around us. That’s my opinion anyway.

I’m almost there though! I really am! 19 more workdays before I am a full time Mom (unless she comes early!).  I certainly don’t regret any of it, she is pretty big now so I feel her a lot, along with braxton hicks contractions like all the time. Pretty insane that my uterus was once this tiny thing and now covers my whole belly and holds a nearly to term child. Equally crazy that I will lose like 20 pounds in a matter of seconds soon!

I just need enough energy to do a few more things. Get the hospital bags packed, car seat in the car, finish baby’s room and the neverending laundry parade! I mean I can’t believe how many things I need to wash for this girl and she has gotten nothing dirty!!! Getting the last few things she really needs together, and thanks to grandpa Don and Libby will get her crib and changing table set up soon!

I am looking forward to that last burst of nesting energy, because recently I haven’t had any at all. I feel like such a big lump, I feel bad for David, sometimes I make dinner sometimes I just hate the thought, half the time I am not hungry in the slightest, my appetite is really weird. He is really busy so he is out a lot, but when he is home I wish I had more energy for him, because I know that after she comes it will be a while before we get a normal kind of routine back as well. We will survive and we will have a baby soon! We both wish she was here so much!


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