pregnant and sick- that ain’t right!

Staying home with what I think is just a really bad cold today. Yesterday afternoon I kind of thought it was getting better, but I think it is just at its worst mornings and evenings. I have a really sore throat, a gross cough, not much of a voice and an occasional earache. I really don’t see why pregnant women are not exempt from such travails? I have an OB visit (one every week from here until D-Day) so if it is anything more hopefully they will catch it. It’s an inservice day at work, so I don’t feel  bad because they don’t have to worry about finding me a sub or anything, and frankly with 4 weeks of work left most of what will happen in the afternoon meetings will probably not really apply to me, so I thought some extra rest would be more productive today. Hopefully I will be back to my old energy filled self soon- oh wait I mean my old pregnant tired self!

Oh well, enough of that. There is a lot going on on the pregnant front lately. I am really getting near the end. I wrote about our hospital tour recently. We followed that up with our first of two Lamaze classes. I really liked it. I always thought the birth experience was really universal in some ways, but as I have done reading and listened to people it really isn’t. I am trying to expect the best and stay calm, because I think women that expect the worst and freak out experience a lot more actual pain. I mean we are dealing with muscles here, so if you tense them up and work against what your body is doing it makes sense it will hurt worse. Childbirth in a lot of other cultures is way less traumatic than it is made out to be in ours and consequently women just don’t seem to have as much pain as American women. A lot of it really seems to be a mental game.  Even here in our own culture, different women have really different experiences as far as how manageable they thought the pain was. I have a supportive husband and doula so I am hoping for the best!

One more Lamaze class to go, meet with our doula again, and of course OB visits once a week, but things are really getting checked off the list and pretty soon I know it will be showtime! There is still stuff to be done, I have a lot more reading I would like to get done for one thing. Though I admit I am kind of getting burnt out, there are just so many different things to try and learn about, birth, breastfeeding, infant care, general child rearing, it’s a lot. I am getting to the point I just want her to come and we will sort everything out along the way! I think we have all the big baby things that we need, crib is on its way, I have a little bassinet type thing for the very beginning (and if she comes so early the crib isn’t put together) car seat (which we need to practice with and put in the car) strollers. She has plenty of little clothes for the beginning I think. Just some odds and ends. I am accumulating the cloth diapers and will need to wash those at least 3 times before she can use them! I feel like I am always doing laundry washing her little things and folding them, and she isn’t even getting anything dirty yet!  Things really are coming together, I just need to get diapers in order and get her room actually put together, but in general things are ready I suppose, and worse comes to worse some of this could totally be done after she gets here anyway 🙂

I had my long distance baby shower with out of state family and friends. It was a lot of fun, heard some voices I hadn’t heard in years! Got some really great stuff for Leia too! I am so excited to use my new diaper bags, David’s Mom and sister got me one for summer and one for fall and they are very stylish. I also got Leia’s crib bedding! Another thing that makes me feel like things are coming together somehow. I got a Moby wrap to get started on my baby wearing journey! Loads of cute clothes, including a very special Lost onsie from my Mom and just so many wonderful and useful things (like some cloth diapers)!  So all in all I am feeling more and more ready (and then sometimes I don’t feel ready at all lol!).


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