Hollywood baby

Went to take our tour of Kaiser Sunset’s maternity ward today. Driving to the hospital I started thinking how weird it is that my first child will be born in Hollywood. I don’t think I ever thought she would be born in the midwest, but I know I never would have thought I would start my family right in the heart of LA. Right across from the hospital is a huge bright purple Scientology building too, I mean huge and PURPLE! For this midwestern girl it all seems a bit too la la land.

Literally though, just as this thought crossed my mind and I passed the purple and silver John Travolta church, Chris Tomlin’s “God of this city” suddenly came on the radio.  First line “You’re the God of this city”… It was great, I think it was meant to remind me that Leia Juliet and her Mom and Dad are exactly where God wants them, which is the very best place to be! If you are not familiar with the song and are curious- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d61LamkXfwk

As for the hospital, it really looks nice. I love the fact that all the rooms are private. FYI no visiting hours because all the rooms are private, so if you are around and want to stop by the time is very flexible 🙂  Though, assuming everything is normal and I don’t have a C section I will only be there for around 24 hours. I had a list of questions (mostly taken from “My Best birth”) and they were really all answered satisfactorily. My other favorite thing is that Kaiser is really big on baby with Mom as soon as she is born and not taken from Mom while they are in the hospital. I get a visit with the lactation consultant before I leave and then I think one a few days after we are home too.  They kept talking about making me walk around, they have a nice garden for walking, they have bars (birthing bars for squatting, not the kind with liquor of course!) and big showers in the labor room. I just hope my doctors and nurses will really listen when I want to move around and stuff.Both my doctor and the nurse on the tour said it will just depend on my individual situation and doctor overseeing my case at the time. I am prepared to be proactive about it if I need to I think!  Ireally hope that my time in labor and delivery is mostly the end part of my labor and not all the early slow part anyway.

Part of me really kind of wanted my water to break right then and there, I mean why make another trip? I was feeling so tired on the walking tour and stiff and getting braxton hicks contractions (I get then a lot now).  Of course, car seat isn’t in the car yet! I just can’t wait to have my baby out and in my arms, so ready to start the real adventure! All the preparations are kind of getting a little old. I have become convinced pregnancy is really my full time job and my full time teaching job is just something I have to fit in on the side.  The classes, tours, and now weekly doctors visits, plus all the books to read, room to get ready, and then the total take over of my physical body and energy are just a lot lately! It is kind of like when I was getting married, I just wasn’t the girl who spent years cutting out pics of wedding gowns and wanted to sample a millions cakes and what not, I wanted to get married to David! Way more excited about the marriage than the wedding, and I definitely feel that way now, I want my baby, I want to graft her into our life and whatever isn’t done before she comes can be done later 🙂

Just a few more weeks, just a few more weeks….


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