Climbing Mt. Third Trimester

I have heard a womans body at rest in the third trimester is in some ways working harder than a non pregnant body while mountain climbing, it just isn’t as visible. My body is using more oxygen, heart working to pump more blood, and wow am I feeling it lately.  I have been fascinated by the lengths people go to to climb things like Mt. Everest, and loved to watch documentaries on the subject, now I am kind of like “meh, try being pregnant buddy”.

I feel so ridiculous some days, sometimes things as simple as getting dressed or rolling over in bed makes me so out of breath. My morning walks with my dog feel like 5k runs! Some days are definitely better than others, but the last couple of days I just feel like collapsing when I get home from work. I keep hoping the baby will drop down or something so I can BREATHE and also get a break from the heartburn. I am just really tired of feeling like everything is squished together in there.  Days when I really can’t get my breath are so frustrating. Isn’t so much of labor about breathing too?

I kind of wonder why it is like this, I know you are supposed to get this weird burst of nesting energy right before labor, why can’t it be like that all through the third trimester? I have things I want to do. Then I think, aah what if I go into labor really early or for some reason or get stuck on bedrest near the end, what will become of my mental to do list of things I am to tired to do now? Oh well, I know there is a lesson in my weakness.Maybe pregnancy should be about learning how to rest, because frankly there are times when you have no choice. So I can rebel and lay around in a bad mood, or I can rejoice and use those times to practice resting in God, and also it should help me let go of worrying about things that don’t really matter in the long run, seeing the difference between things that are urgent and things that really are not. That will be important as a full time Mom, there are so many mundane household items you have to manage, but as important as it is to be busy at home, those things have to be put into perspective in the face of the needs of your kids and husband too.  Plus, self care, a big stumbling block for women I think, is especially important during pregnancy, but important when you are trying to serve your family  on a daily basis too. So I will keep my bubble baths going over the next few weeks to be sure.

Momentum is continuing though, despite the fact that it is March, a long month with no holidays to speak of. I have a personal day Thursday and we will take our hospital maternity ward tour, then Friday another birthing class, this one involved pillows and learning different birthing positions. Then Saturday my “long distance virtual shower” with friends and fam who are out of state 🙂 And only 28 more actual work days for me before I am officially a full time Mom! (Why does that not feel like a short time at the moment? It feels more like an endurance test right now.) Unless of course Leia comes early, I hit 34 weeks Friday, if I start going into labor my doctor says they will probably just let it happen at that point! I am sure that won’t be the case and I am trying to mentally gear up for April 15th to come and go with no baby, but still the thought that it could happen is something.


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