“Another Wedding Day”?

Last night David and I attended a class on hospital birthing procedures. It is the first in our little cycle of birth classes. It was a very fact based class on what commonly happens in a hospital birth, or what could happen. Overall, I thought it was pretty good.  It made me feel pretty well read, because I didn’t feel there was a lot I hadn’t thought of or at least heard of.  It was also pretty balanced I felt. The nurse giving the class kept talking about how nothing is risk free, mentioning the cascade of interventions, etc and seemed to want to try to get people to think about the choices that could be presented to them on the big day. It was kind of boring at times too, and at course a lot of the questions people asked I just felt like saying “Weren’t you listening, she has said that like ten times tonight!” I didn’t feel like it shook me up too bad, I left still feeling pretty much the same about medical interventions and pain relief. (Isn’t it weird though that people freak out if a pregnant woman has a cup of coffee or a Dr. Pepper, but as soon as she goes into labor at a hospital its like, “hey what kind of heavy drugs do you want lady”?)

During the class David wrote on a pad of paper “It’s like another Wedding Day, the Happiest Day of my life” It certainly is a game changer like a wedding day too, and a lot of prep and nerves are involved too, and a family is being shaped or expanded.  Of course, I was a little more focused on seeing these videos of women in labor and getting C-sections. On your wedding day you are basically the prettiest you will ever be, at least that is my theory, that day in my dress I remember thinking, wow I have never looked like this and won’t ever again! The ladies in the videos weren’t exactly looking like Barbie.  While, my whole birthing philosophy or what have you wasn’t effected last night, I was at points a little overwhelmed just being presented with the very real fact that I will give birth to a child one way or another. It’s awesome and I was made to do it and all that, but its a lot to take in too. Giving birth was something my Mom did, not me! Now I am the Mom!! You always think you will have kids someday, and may even be really really excited about it, but somehow the whole labor part is really not in your mind growing up, at least not mine.  I guess that is good, I mean it probably isn’t worth really stressing over. How many women have done this after all?  And of course, the baby that comes from it overshadows the process and immediately takes up your attention and focus. Still, I do have to walk through this crazy part of the journey pretty soon and it sure seems intense! I can’t help wondering what changes it will bring about in me on the other side? I know seeing that baby certainly will change both David and I forever and irrevocably, but as a woman something about going through this process of pregnancy and delivery seems really formative. I am 30 years old and have felt pretty grown up for a while, but this definitely is a new growing experience for me.


4 thoughts on ““Another Wedding Day”?

  1. yeah, you’re the one ‘having’ the baby… but you are colaboring in a sense. baby comes when baby is ready and baby does their part to make her exit. i always thought i was doing all of it, but i think, now, that its a joint effort in a sense. when you do research on how much instinctual motivation baby has, it is truly amazing the way god designed the entire process. that angle might also take some of the pressure off of what you have to do. because really, your body was designed to do it and it will do a fine job. (-;

    praying for you!

    • Yeah, that is a good point. We put so much emphasis on Mom and kind of ignore baby’s amazing journey and struggle out of the womb. I just hope she can have as peaceful an entry into the world as possible! Fortunately hospital procedure is to put baby on my belly to check her out and let me breastfeed first thing, plus they have private rooms and baby stays with you from when she comes until you go home, but I still worry about emergencies 😦

  2. Ha ha ha, I love your point about the heavy drugs. It’s so true! And so obnoxious how people want to butt into your business when you’re pregnant or have a baby. Be ready for that, by the way, I don’t know if anyone told you…When you have your little girl out in the world finally perfect strangers will feel like they have the right not only to come up and gush over her and possibly touch her, but also tell you how to raise her and exactly what you’re doing wrong, like in the grocery store or whatever. Trust me, it’s not you!! So obnoxious.

    Also, I love David’s comment to you! So sweet. =)

    • Seriously, I can’t even have decent cold medicine right now, but suddenly numbing half my body is alright? Oh well…. It is pretty crazy all the strong opinions that come out with pregnancy and babies! And the complete loss of boundaries people seem to experience when sharing them, I look forward to sharing weird and awkward stories with you when Leia comes!

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