eye on the prize

I really really want to lay on my back. My whole life I slept on my back, I don’t remember falling asleep any other way, but it feels like forever since I have just been able to lay on my back.  The thing is you are not supposed to once you get so many weeks pregnant, and I will lay on my back for just a second and feel both guilty and sometimes out of breath or uncomfortable. Apparently, there is this big vein that the growing uterus pushes on and can cut off blood flow to you and the baby or something like that. So even though it doesn’t work too well anyway, I find my body missing the freedom to lay on my back! I don’t know what I would do without my big body pillow!

Pregnancy is such a marathon. I know in the grand scheme of things it isn’t that long, but here at 31, almost 32 weeks, I am really feeling it.  My feet, my back, my girth, oy vay! God definitely gets us ready to get on with labor and delivery!Then there is the anticipation. Aaaah, I want to meet my daughter! What will she be like? What will she look like? How will it feel to hold her in my arms? David and are both so ready to have a bigger family than the two of us.

It seems like it was so long ago that I found out I was pregnant, even the misery of the first trimester seems shadowy now. I know I am so close to the finish line, and I should enjoy carrying Leia inside of me for the little time that it lasts, I mean pregnancy, all discomfort aside, is pretty amazing, but boy sometimes I just want to get this show on the road! Especially when I look at her little tiny baby clothes, wow, amazing someone can be sooo small.  It is so exciting accumulating her things, not that I am all about things, but it makes it all so real. She now has a little sleeper someone generously gave us,  so no matter how early she comes or how late we get a crib assembled she has a little bed to sleep in when she first gets here! It is very portable and light too, I can carry it all over the house as needed, and it looks very comforting for a baby, kind of like a little rocking hammock, as opposed to a flat surface. I don’t know how long we will keep her in our room, or how that will all play out, but I just know that I really wanted the option of having her in a tiny portable bed when she first gets home, something about putting her in the crib right away in her own room is just too much for me.  Of course, after three weeks some Mom’s have said they just  rested so much better with a baby in another room and the baby slept fine, that could happen with us too? I know I am not putting her IN our bed, I just don’t feel comfortable with that personally for several reasons, but I wanted the option of having her close at the beginning. I look forward to getting everything organized and ready for her arrival, and for my upcoming showers! Showers are so magical 🙂



2 thoughts on “eye on the prize

  1. Hi! Every time I see your post I wish I could be there to spend time with you!!! I’m not sure if the sleeper you’re talking about is the same, but if it’s like what my sister has it’s also nice for travel, so that’s a bonus. Thinking of you!!!

    • I miss you too! It’s a Fischer Price “Rock n Play” I think it what it is called, I am sure it would be great for going anywhere in a car, but I don’t know about airplane travel because the bottom part doesn’t seem collapsible and is a pretty big piece of metal. I want to take her to Hawaii Feb 2012 on David’s free work vacation, by then of course she will have outgrown it anyway, so I will probably get her some kind of portable bed for travel then too?

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