Fat Feet

Is this going to be me in a few weeks?

I am at 31 weeks, that is almost 8 months pregnant! (Yes, I am a math whiz) Do I realize how soon my baby will be coming, I don’t know?? I am so excited. Also, I am so pregnant! I have noticed my feet beginning to swell I think, last night I got home and took off my socks and my feet looked all puffy.  I have seen girls who near the end just puff up everywhere, that looks SO uncomfortable, so far I have only really noticed it in my feet a little bit, but it doesn’t make walking or standing any more comfortable. I really hope it doesn’t get out of control (see above picture).

The futon has been removed from Leia’s room! I know this does not mean anything to anyone else, but to me it means a lot. Space is made, we are ready for a crib to fall fully assembled from the sky! Well, that probably won’t happen, but we are ready to get some furniture in there now. I will still have to use some of the room for storage, but I don’t think she will mind 🙂 We are planning on moving pretty soon, nothing major and probably nothing bigger, but in our quest to be financially wise we have realized, that while we cannot afford a house just yet in southern California, we probably can buy a condo, and in doing that will end up saving quite a bit as opposed to flushing money down the drain every month renting. So as anxious as I am to get her room ready, I know it may be a temporary pit stop for Leia.

I am really ready to stop being a pregnant teacher. I appreciate the close proximity of my job, the support of my boss and fellow teachers, but man by the end of a work day I just feel so tired. I really don’t understand the pregnant ladies who run marathons and things, that is awesome for them, but dropping car keys on the ground and having to pick them up seems like a big task these days for me. I did complete my last open house of my foreseeable future, that felt good, never a huge fan of open houses, and it was the last thing on the school calendar that I really felt was a hurdle. So I will just try and keep getting through until April 8th, taking naps as soon as I get home 🙂

Birthing classes coming up, one this week. I have been reading up more on the whole labor thing too. How am I feeling about it all? Well, I think overall I am feeling OK, getting more of an idea about how I would like it to go and trying to stay flexible though because I know you just never know what will happen. Really thankful I will be having a doula, and that was all God not me. I hadn’t really thought of it, until a friend from church offered her services, and now both David and I are glad we will have someone with us. Especially me as a woman, having someone experienced I can trust to guide me. A lot of the fear just comes from it being so unknown, so to have someone that can encourage and let me know what is normal and when I should go to the hospital is really comforting to me right now. I hope I continue to feel pretty at peace with it, even through the classes and things. Friday we are taking a class just on common hospital procedures like C sections and pain medication. I am hoping for the least amount of intervention possible of course, but want to know what might happen or need to happen anyway in certain situations.

So, things are progressing! I have my moments of fear and anxiety, sometimes about really silly things I will admit. So I am trying to learn and grow in grace from those crazy pregnant lady moments too, but overall I think things are going well and I am just so excited to meet my baby!


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