I love Baby socks!

I now have some actual baby gear. A car seat stroller combo generously given to me by  colleagues at my work shower. Now I can check that off the mental list of “oh my goodness what will I do without that?” items. Woohoo!

I had my shower yesterday. God is so amazing, I was afraid I might not have a shower before I got pregnant. My best friend lives in another state, as does both of our families (I know they aren’t supposed to throw you a shower though) and we haven’t been at our church too awfully long. Instead of having none though I had a work shower, and am having one thrown by my small group leader at church and finally my BFF Christy really wanted to do something so she researched “virtual showers” something totally new to me, but a way I can include  family and friends who live nowhere near California! I love to see how God provides and makes my worries seem silly time and time again. And it is so great to feel supported by so many people and feel that other people are excited about your new baby too.

It was strange at my shower yesterday there was  a little video of students telling me thank you and that they will miss me, and lots of hugs and gifts from my fellow teachers and administrative staff it felt final, and yet I will be back on Monday plugging away until April. Now that we are getting things for her it really feels that much more tangible. I mean we will drive to the hospital with that car seat empty and come back with a baby in it! (Though it is a little crazy to me that hospitals only require a car seat for you to take them away, I mean does a car seat really mean you can take care of a whole person?) It was a great afternoon though, of course there was cute little clothes, and one of my new favorite things- baby socks! Baby shoes are cute, but kind of ridiculous when you think about them, not that that makes me love them less.  I am  in love though with the style of socks they have now that look like little Mary Jane shoes or ballet slippers, and I got a few pairs yesterday – joy!

Outside from being blessed by so many others I am at 30 weeks now, theoretically ten more to go, we will see if it will be less or more?? Pregnancy fun for now seems to be less sleep due to heartburn, bathroom trips and baby kicks. Headaches that don’t seem to go away with tylenol, the one thing I am allowed to take (though I will be trying rubbing peppermint oil on my temples so I will let you know if that helps), being super tired and leg cramps. At night I feel like a piece of meat in a skillet that has to be turned over frequently, I will be comfortable on one side for a minute and then need to flip. Good times 😉






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