Third Trimester: by the end will pants contain me??

It’s not that I feel fat. The doctor said my weight was good (wish I had recorded that) and when I look in the mirror I don’t see a fatty. It’s just that maternity pants I bought earlier are starting to feel a little tighter and sweats and pj pants I wore for quite a while have been put away because they have become uncomfortable. I just wonder how big will my belly get??? I just kind of thought I would buy a few pairs of maternity pants and they would be comfortable for nine months, not so sure about that now….

If pregnancy wasn’t so awesome and amazing it would be kind of like a horror movie. I mean what is happening to me? This belly keeps growing and getting harder and hey something is mo ving in there LOL! Seriously, I love my baby bump, but it’s also, well, weird.  The belly increasingly feels pulled down by gravity when I walk and as it grows even more I get little cramps and pains and I know I am definitely moving into a waddle.

I am probably lucky that I lost weight in the first trimester, or my weight might not be so great. Will power against food was never my strong point, but it is even harder when you are preggers!! I saw that cadbury eggs are out now (noooo!) I resisted, but I don’t know how long I can!! I love those darn things. I wish I just craved fruit and salads that would be awesome. I have a new friend though, it is the “Slush Mug”. In my craze for anything frozen I remembered when I was little we had this mug that would make slushies out of anything and of course thought “hey I wonder if amazon has those?” sure enough they do! I can pour any juice in there and it becomes a slushy! Woohoo!

Other crazy wonderful weird thing– the fact food will come out of my body and feed Leia Juliet! I have mentioned how important breastfeeding is to me and how cool I think it is that God designed a perfect food for babies and how I want to persevere no matter what with it, but the more I read and think about that moment when she comes out and they ask me if I want to feed her I just can’t believe it will actually work!! I mean who ever really thinks of their body being a full service restaurant, especially that part of you LOL!!! I know we have been doing it since the dawn of time, but really is it going to work???

I guess to summarize this point in the journey, feeling very excited as well as feeling very pregnant and increasingly big!


3 thoughts on “Third Trimester: by the end will pants contain me??

  1. Awww. Enjoy your third trimester! I absolutely LOVE being able to hold Ailyn, but I do miss her little kicks in my belly just a little bit. I really do love feeling them move around in there (on the other hand I love being able to sleep in more than one position)!.

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