Bring on the Baby Butt!

Well I definitely feel like I have more of a handle on the whole cloth diapering thing. I hope she doesn’t come and I go “oh no I got the wrong stuff”, but in general I think it is simplified in my head after attending a short class. David and I both got the technique pretty quick, of course it will be different with a wiggly live baby as opposed to a doll, and that combined with sleep deprivation, well I sure am glad you don’t have to use the pins anymore, that could be dangerous given the circumstances! Snappis rock! Β (these little plastic stretchy thing people use now instead of the pins)

I am thinking prefolds and covers to start with for sure, then maybe trying some of the “all in one” types as she gets a bit bigger. (If you don’t know what I am talking about that is OK because I didn’t either at all when I got pregnant, just now starting to become clear to me). Β The little covers are just so cute! All things for newborns are so cute, they are just so small!!! When I was little I had a miniature collection for a while, I just love tiny things!

I am trying to look at cloth diapering as the only option, like a pioneer woman, or maybe like I am Claire on Lost and I have no other choice (yes I started thinking today about what in the world did she do with Aaron, I can see how she made diapers but was she lucky enough to find some safety pins in the wreckage?) I saw how much disposable diapers cost and given the fact I am blessed to get to be a full time Mom I just don’t see how I can justify the waste and cost of disposables. (I mean geez I would have to go back to work just to pay for the diapers!) So if I see them as the only way from the get go then I am hoping I can weather the storm of fatigue and poo and laundry πŸ™‚ I am kind of doing that with breastfeeding as well, (sorry the few guys who read this), I REALLY want it to go well, I want to breastfeed only for a good solid year, I think it is a wonderful healthy thing and also it is free! I know you can have troubles, but everything I have read says if you persevere you can do it, so I am hoping to tough out any challenges we may have and not give up (also hoping for a wonderful natural experience if possible of course!).

One other cool thing, we were at the doctor’s yesterday and she said totally of her own volition, I did not even ask, that “my weight was good”. Now this is cool, can’t remember the last time a doctor just happened to say that to me! I guess it is a good thing I lost ten pounds in the beginning from all the puking after all.



6 thoughts on “Bring on the Baby Butt!

  1. Yayyy!!! that’s wonderful!!! I wanted to give cloth diapers a shot as well because you’re absolutely right – they are more cost effective. However, living in an apartment complex where we share washers with everyone else, I didn’t think that it would be a good idea.
    As far as breastfeeding goes, I just got over my first big challenge – I persevered and am in it for the long run. Just remember, if you don’t know what to do – ASK!!! Talk to Kit Fisher, Laura Thomas or go to a free breastfeeding support group at the hospital – they were INCREDIBLY helpful for me when I was struggling a couple weeks ago. I quite too early with Kai simply because I didn’t want to take the time to ask and I so regret that.
    Natural child birth – you go girl!!! I had an epidural with Kai and it was fine but then I went all natural with Adon and I can’t tell you enough how much more awesome it was!!! I am totally going natural with the rest of my babies! Just go out and buy “Natural Child Birth, the Bradley Way” that’s how I was able to be successful – and get Gracie Davis to be your doula – I couldn’t have done it with out her =)
    Sorry for the long response – I’d love to chat more sometime =)

    • Hey Chalene, thanks for the response! Yeah, having to share a laundry room would definitely make things more difficult! My only weird thing is that our laundry room is outside of our house on the back to the garage, but it is just ours. I am so lucky to be at a church with so many wise mothers at all different stages, it is so encouraging! I am reading up on breastfeeding and I definitely plan on asking for help from ladies at church or a support group if I run into obstacles. I am so excited about it, I just want stick with it even if it isn’t a breastfeeding fairy tale πŸ™‚ You know actually I was talking about a naturally wonderful breastfeeding experience, I’m still kind of unsure about the childbirth itself lol! My Mom had four of us, and she said she never really had time to even have an epidural her labors were always quick, so maybe the Lord will just take it out of my hands in that way. My husband is freaked about natural childbirth, I think he just really doesn’t want to see me in pain. I am trying to not obsess over the birth, in case things don’t go as planned too, so that if I need a C-section or something i won’t be too upset. We will see I guess!
      I would love to chat more too! I can’t wait to get plugged in with more SG Moms at things like story time and stuff.

  2. Hey Amanda,
    I have another friend who is pregnant and due in March…she is doing cloth diapers too! She has explained all of it…are you doing disposable liners and inserts? Maybe that is what you mean by all in ones? Anyway, I was so confused when she started to explain it but now I get it! Sounds interesting and so much more cost effective…how many diapers are you starting with? I think she is planning on having 50 and then she will wash them every 3-4 days…

    • I had no idea what anyone was talking about with cloth diapers when I got pregnant. I think I am getting it now. The cost effective thing is the main reason I am doing it I must say. I am starting with what they call prefolds, kind of the traditional little cloth diaper that you would have pinned around the baby, but now there are these cool little plastic stretchy things you can use, I am using those with covers, that come in all kind of colors and designs and fasten either with elastic or snaps. I am starting with those because I was told with newborns it is hard to find the “all in ones” (basically just like a disposable, no inserts or anything, you just have to wash them instead of throwing them away) or the pocket diapers (the ones with the inserts) to fit their tiny butts. then I will probably check out the all in ones when she is a couple months old (they are also a lot pricier than the prefolds and covers because they are so convenient). At the class they told me during the newborn phase the disposable liners wouldn’t help too much because their poo is so runny (yuck) but when she gets a little older I will start using the liners too I think. At the class they recommended about 24 diapers for doing washing every other day. I was going to go that route, but I can’t imagine you could have too many! My only concern with washing every four days might be the stink becoming too much! πŸ™‚ I will have like 6 or 7 covers too because you don’t need to change those every time they go.

  3. We love, love, love our all in ones! And I saw you have the diaper sprayer in your wish list. It is a LIFESAVER. It is every cloth diapering mama’s best friend. I recommend it to everyone I know.

    I also love the snappi if you’re going the prefold route. They are SO easy to use! It may seem like a waste, but I also recommend the Newborn covers that have the swoop for the umbilical cord to go over the prefold. We had two and they were really helpful. Normal sized ones irritated our kiddos until the cord healed. No entirely necessary but something to think about. It’s even better if you can borrow them from someone πŸ™‚

    • I didn’t even know there were special newborn covers, no one has mentioned them! thanks! I am starting with prefolds and thirsties, but hope to move into all in ones when she grows a bit.

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