Slurpees (or anything frozen) are ALL i want for Christmas Easter and Hanukkah!

I love being on break from work, aaah. Don’t want to go back that is for sure, but I only have to make it until April so I know it will fly. Besides I need something to do that will keep my mind off registries and icees! Baby registry and just baby stuff in general, there is is just so much stuff to look at! If I get half of it I am sure I will be more than fine! I just keep thinking of things we might need, etc. Plus, just looking at the little clothes and blankets and things gets me so excited for her to come! I just can’t wait until April to hold her!! People want to know what I am most excited about– holding her! It is basically all I can think of.  Looking at little bonnets online today, way too cute. She will be here and ready to go to the beach this summer, got to keep her delicate skin protected 🙂

Ok so icees or slurpees, what is the deal?? This has by far been my worst craving, I can literally get to the point of tears over them, it is insane! I have found I prefer slurpees from 7/11 just because they actually have a small size, a real small is virtually unheard of anymore in America, but 7/11 has this tiny little cup by their slurpee machine and that is all I need, I just need a few drinks! Something about the little tiny crunchy bits of ice and the flavor (usually cherry is what I prefer) is soooo satisfying. I haven’t been getting them every day or anything, but I want to! I am going to try some fruit juice Popsicles and freezing my own lemonade to make a slushy type thing as a stand in, even just chewing on ice sounds really good. It had been probably over a decade since I had had an icee or slurpee, but something just happened about a month ago and the craving seems to be getting worse. It’s crazy and I know it, but I have never experienced anything like it, and I like food as it is!

I will end this post with a preggy pic for those of you that are not into FB, many have asked for pics so here it is! Me at 24 weeks!






3 thoughts on “Slurpees (or anything frozen) are ALL i want for Christmas Easter and Hanukkah!

  1. Have you had your iron checked? They say that the desire to chew ice can mean low iron. Not sure if that is true, but I do know your iron can get even lower during pregnancy (happened to me every pregnancy). Might be worth asking about at your next appointment.

    Your prego pictures are cute!

    • Yes, I almost mentioned that in the post, but then didn’t want to seem like a overly worried pregnant woman, but at my next visit they are checking for anemia and gestational diabetes (its the visit with the sugar drink and blood test) that is in a week or so so I am trying to just wait it out. Anemia sounds pretty common for pregnant ladies so I won’t be too surprised if I have it, especially with the ice thing going on and I feel pretty tired and dizzy a lot too, so we will see. It wasn’t that big of a deal was it? Just even more supplements?

  2. Awww…you look so pretty! Hope you’ll pass next weeks tests with flying colors. It’s funny, when I was pregnant was the only time I enjoyed ice in any beverage. In fact it was the only thing I craved. The day I delivered I stopped drinking icy drinks too. I wasn’t anemic, it was just a wierd pregancy quirk. It happened with both pregnancies too. April will be here before you know it!

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