Aaah I can see her moving!

We are beyond feeling Leia kick, now sometimes I can see it! To me that is somehow a stranger sensation than just feeling the movement. When she is in the right spot with strong enough movement I see my stomach jump. It is so crazy! I feel her move more and more, the most when I am laying down relaxed (or trying to sleep of course).  23 weeks, well past halfway! In the New Year we have diaper class (buying a bag of disposables for a crisis pregnancy center made me even more sure I would like to do cloth, yikes!) birthing class and loads of trips to the OBgyn of course. I know it is going to fly.

I am on Christmas break from work and so glad. Time to read baby books and relax (and feel kicks!) We are trying to clean out Leia’s little room, this break I am listing boxes of books on Amazon and starting to clear them out. We have two big book shelves that need to get out of that room.  Plus, David and I are trying to take control of our finances and get rid of debt so selling anything is a good thing.  Finishing up the registry on Amazon (and one at Target for folks who aren’t online shoppers like me) looking forward to collecting teeny tiny little girl clothes! When I get things cleared out more and we get closer to time, I anticipate trips to consignment stores, etc too. Though I really want to take a minimalist approach to baby stuff, I know our consumer driven culture is telling me I need way more than I do! (Plus, we don’t exactly have loads of space anyway)

I really hope Leia likes to wear dresses.  I see little girls at the school Christmas play and at church in their pretty holiday dresses and I just imagine Leia like that as well. I mean from a Mom perspective, as long as she is modest and respectable looking I don’t want to make her feel she has to wear things she hates, but I really hope she doesn’t hate skirts. Of course, not that we are talking beauty pageants and make up and craziness like that, just feminine, but still a natural looking little girl 🙂 I do have her first hair thing, a beautiful handmade cream colored rose from my friend’s Etsy shop. So sweet!

Pregnancy issues at 23 weeks, the big one right now is heartburn! I think I have just kind of gotten used to getting less air, though I know in the third trimester it is supposed to get even worse, but for now the breathing thing is less noticeable, not gone I am just accustomed to it I think. The heartburn is constant though. It’s really just annoying more than anything else. Back pain is starting to kick in, and my chiropractor can’t really adjust where I need it because I am pregnant 😦 Standing for long periods of time or sitting in hard chairs is not easy, but in general I know I am in the best time of the pregnancy, so I am trying to enjoy it. I am enjoying the baby bump 🙂 The more obvious it is the better in my opinion! I know David likes it too and that is fun.



3 thoughts on “Aaah I can see her moving!

  1. Yippee for baby Leia! She will like dresses until she has to wear pantyhose probably – – I know that’s what keeps me from putting on a dress most of the time. Just don’t over-pink her the way we did your little sister:) I can’t wait to see her sweet, little face. Love you, Mama

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