Bust a move

Leia is getting big! I know this because now I can feel her moving so much more, and even by laying a hand on the outside of my clothes most of the time. She especially seems wild when I am laying in bed.  It is so fun and a little weird at the same time.  David finds it exciting, but he also says it is like a strange horror movie, and puts his hand on my belly and says “we’re going to get you out of there!”

I love how present it make her seem, such a tangible reminder she is in there. Sometimes I wonder if she wants out too, I know she has no concept of feeling squished and most babies like being squished when they are born because it is more like the womb, but I just can’t imagine not being able to stretch out myself!

Another doctor visit today, assuming another little ultrasound, it will be fun to see how she looks at 22 weeks.  Hopefully, no boy parts pop out lol! Not really looking forward to having to go every two weeks to the OBGYN which is coming up.

Oh she is getting going in there even as I type! Hold on Leia April is coming!


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