Fish out of water

I feel like a fish out of water this week, not because I am in a strange situation, but because like an actual fish out of water I feel like I cannot breath. I mean I don’t want to complain because I will take this over puking to be sure, but really it is getting harder and harder to breath.  Sometimes I am laying down or sitting or slowly walking and I just suddenly gasp for air. Since Sunday I have been feeling like this constantly. It’s very strange! And it is also very annoying and at times a little unsettling not feeling like you can really breath very well. I am told it will just get worse with the third trimester too, I thought labor was all about the breathing too!

Oh well, Leia doesn’t seem to mind, I feel her little movements growing stronger by the day! The force is strong with this one I can tell 🙂

Is it crazy that I feel jealous when I hear about other people having their babies or see other people with babies, I mean it isn’t like I am not pregnant?! I just want to hold her so bad! I can’t wait to look at her little face and start to get to know her. I just wonder what she will like and what her personality will be like, how much will she look like David and how much like me?

David got to feel her move a couple night ago, still hard to tell most of the time, she isn’t big enough for random people to feel her move by putting their hand on on my belly outside my clothes (not too sure how  I feel about the hands on the belly thing anyway honestly, oh well), but it was enough for him to feel it so that was neat. He is able to get more excited as there is more outward evidence of a baby.



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